Excellent Blog Award! Yahoo-ey!

Dear Blogger, Paula, of Sew Confused, has kindly bestowed the Excellent Blog award on La Sewista. Thanks so much, Paula. It is greatly appreciated. Now I'd like to thank the Academy...........The way this works is to then bestow the award on ten other blogs that you deem worthy. Many of the blogs I would honor with the award have already been well awarded and very deservedly so. I am also one who is not a proponent of chain letters so that is a dilemma too. So what I am going to do is bestow the Excellent Blogger award on just a few sewistas. I sew all sorts of garments but with my grandchildren I have really gotten into heirloom sewing for them. That side of my passion has led me to some very gifted heirloom cyber friends with blogs. I would like to bestow the Excellent Blog award on the following 3 bloggers.

Quality Time, Angie's blog, is wonderful. Angie frequents PR and Everything Sewing a lot. Her work is amazing and her recent top and skirt with its magnificent smocking and shaped lace is to die for. It was made for an "older girl" , an oft neglected group in the heirloom world, and she did it proud. Her blog has some cool tutes as well.

SewNSo is the blog of Dear Blogger, Laurie A. She is a designer for Sew Beautiful, smocker extraordinaire, and computer maven as well. Besides her sewing, designing, and computer talents, Laurie also is a very caring sewista, and Threads of Love is a ministry of hers that makes tiny little garments for babies in distress or deceased. No nobler sewing effort can be imagined. Laurie has some wonderful tutes on her site, too.

Rufflebunnies is the blogging effort of Dear Blogger, Sara M. She does incredible work that truly deserves the heirloom designation. Even more than that, her output is incredible. I truly wonder if she ever sleeps. I hope she posts more of what I know she is making. It is all gorgeous. Sara, a journalism major, writes beautifully as well and is a joy to read. If you have ever enjoyed sitting down with a cup of tea and a copy of Victoria magazine, Sara's blog is for you.

So, I hereby bestow on all of you the Excellent Blogger Award....Bunny


  1. Congratulations on your Excellent Blog Award. It is nice to meet other ladies with the passion for sewing. I design and make my own unique range of christening wear.My sewing is my meditation, it gives me inner peace. I love getting a buzz seeing babies in my christening gowns !!!!

    I would love you permission to add a link to your blog. Would you be able to include my blog on your listings ? Best wishes Dana



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