Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday morning I lined up all my fabrics fully intending to have a pleatathon at some point in the day. These are all projects needing to be pleated with my pleating machine. The real world of gardening set in as DH was on a roll and roto tilling beds all over for me to plant. We both gardened into the evening and I have the back pain to prove it. It was great fun, as always working with DH, and we got our vegetable garden in, the new foundation bed all mulched, and things are looking good. I have another day of visiting the garden center and planting those other beds so more back pain in store today. Stretches and ibuprofen help a lot. I hate that something I enjoy so much can give me such discomfort. What are you gunnado?
I used this little bag last week with my outfit for the wedding. I made this a few years back and love it. It has given me lots of use. The front of the bag is an "intense" toile. The tassel is metallic and black threads. The long strap is a pleated run of black sandwashed silk. It closes with a strip of velcro inside across the top, folds down, and then buttons onto the silk covered button.

The bag employs a "shark's teeth" technique (one of my favorites). The bottom of each tooth has a tiny bead attached. Between the teeth are little puffs of silk that are punch needled in. There is variegated metallic stitching randomly imposed. (Hard to see.) Lots of tiny details that I am not sure anyone would appreciate unless I stuck the bag in their face, but those tiny details make me feel real good.
On the back of the bag you see some more metallic stitching and the sand washed silk I used.
This is a great accessory for a simple black dress, which is what I wore to the wedding. I think now and then, while the sewing urges are getting unattended, I will pull up some of these oldies but goodies to share with you all. It is one thing to wear something like this for the world to see, but it is so much more special to share it with those who really appreciate the effort....Bunny


  1. Bunny, I always say you know you're getting old when gardening suddenly becomes a strenuous activity.

    I love this bag. I think I will fill it under "P" for future plagiarism.

  2. Be my guest - you know what they say about imitation and flattery! I know you would make one different and very cool anyway. If you need any help with the sharks teeth, let me know. I have actually taught classes in that technique once upon a time.

  3. No, not getting just need to do it more often! :)

    Love your little purse. Must have been fun to make. All those details but on a small scale. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the bag!

    I need to figure out the pleater - my MIL smocks and has a pleater, but doesn't use it often or has someone pleat the fabrics for her.

  5. Bunny, I love your little bag - toooooo cute!!! I also really like the blouse you made - great work! I sure enjoy popping in and visiting your blog!!!


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