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Monday, June 16, 2008

Gold Lace Medallion

This is a broader view of the closeup of the lace medallion that I posted last night. It is about 12 inches tall and about 6 inches wide. I can so remember medallions like this, out of gold threads, being on the priest's garments when I was a child. From the research I have done, this "ornate" decoration is no longer allowed. There are very specific measurements and ratios when it comes to lace and embellishments on priest's garments today. Personally, I enjoyed all the grandeur, but that lack of humility certainly had it's downfall, didn't it?

Welcome to a new poster on the blog, Martha, of Southern Matriarch. I have enjoyed Martha's posts often on the Delphi Forum. Her blog is a delight as well. She has an incredible tutorial on hand sewn eyelets. If you want a true couture touch, check out her technique. It is actually fairly simple but so so lovely. You could definitely implement it into a closure on adult clothing quite easily. Martha's blog is very well written and cram packed with sewing info as well as some personal insight. I really enjoyed reading it and have added it to the blog roll.

I am hitting the road again tomorrow for NH and MA. Business calls for DH and I. These five hour drives are getting to me but such is life. Things are looking really good now and we can't wait to get back home with all our ducks in a row. It may be a few days until I post again. Keep checking in as sometimes I can post from DD's in MA. Take care all..........Bunny


  1. Thanks Bunny for the kind words. I am blushing.
    If you want ornate vestments, come to St. Louis. Our archbishop LOVES ornate.

  2. Hello Bunny
    Are you working on something special at the moment ? I would love for you to pop back in and check out my attempt at "How to measure for Boy's Christening wear "....let me know what you think ? Dana

  3. It is an error to equate the grandeur of the altar and the vestments used in Catholic liturgy with a "lack of humility". The grandeur and/or beauty is not for the priest, but for of glory of God, an attempt at the reflection of that glory, and the infinite perfection of the Mass.


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