Saturday, July 26, 2008

Becentennial Celebration!

Our little village here (actually they call them hamlets up here) in the Adirondacks is celebrating it's 200th anniversary next Sunday, August 3rd. Our hamlet has 350 villagers, and DH and I are proud to say we are two of them. There will be a parade with all the area towns and their fire engines, a chicken barbecue, craft and quilting demonstrations, and more. I have been asked to do a demonstration on smocking and of course agreed. Luckily, I have some inserts that will serve as samples, my book of completed garments, and a current project to show the techniques. I thought I would demonstrate how to use a pleater. I am going to have samples for folks to try their hand at smocking and also will have some completed garments for viewing. This should be fun. It is so great when all the villagers come out at the same time. This usually happens at our annual town wide yard sale. You get to peruse the possessions of your neighbors and catch up on the local gossip. I am really looking forward to it.

I have often thought that life up here in the Adirondacks is still back in the 50's. DH agrees. Its a good thing and one of the reasons we love living here. The whole greater Boston, Southern New Hampshire thing that we lived for so many years is such a rat race by comparison. Our daughters still live that life but so love it when they come up here to visit. Actually, all the company that comes to visit seems to just take life down a few notches. They enjoy and become much more aware of their surroundings. And somehow there is this feeling of life proceeding at a different pace. No one minds.
So while I may not be wearing my designer knockoffs any more, and spending a heck of a lot of time with dirt under my nails, life is good. And frankly, I think it is the way it should be for all of us......Bunny


  1. You are living the good life, Bunny. My parents retired to the very small town in northern Maine that they both grew up in. It sounds very similar to your little Hamlet. I love it there.

  2. You are very fortunate to be living the life you wanted and planned for. It sounds quaint and timeless, and from the pictures you've posted, gorgeous too!


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