Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand Dyed Cotswold Wool

Would you just look at these beautiful curls! They are from a weaver and "raiser" of Cotswold sheep here in NY state, Robin at Nistock Farms. A while back I saw for the first time this marvelously curly wool used in a felted jacket. This past spring I purchased a felter. As Fall draws near, my mind is wandering back to the felter and all the rovings I have accumulated. I am not quite sure what I will make yet but this curly headed roving, if that's the right term, is just so inspirational. Robin, if you see this, please forgive me. I am not a weaver or sheep farmer so really don't know all the proper terminology. I do know when I see something that inspires me and Robin's hand dyeing certainly does the trick. I will put some creative head time into this winter project and hopefully come up with something worthy of the generous Cotswold sheep who gave so freely of their curls.

A couple of side notes: First I would die for curls like that in my hair. Second, that beautiful reddish brown is the exact color of one of my daughter's hair. It felt strange to see it tumble out of the box!

While thinking winter, I also have to ponder what to make for a new arrival in the family. Our favorite niece is expecting a girl baby in October. Her mom has expressed to me that she would love a Christening gown. Well, I would love to make her one. So its been searching for inspiration in AS&E and SB and fingering my stash of heirloom fabrics. I am close on a design but not there yet. It depends on what I can find for laces. So more research is due and I will keep you posted......Bunny


  1. Bunny, LOL I had to laugh when I first saw the wool without seeing any test. I thought clown wigs. Sorry to the weaver, but hey I couldn't help it. Now as far as that cg, do you have the AS&E cg book? I also have found great inspiration in Creative Needle and I like to mix and match portions of some of the gowns in Grandmother's Hope Chest by MP. I'll be anxious to see what you come up with.

  2. I don't have that specific book, Martha, but I have tons of AS&Es and SBs. I am going to shop for laces today. So far I am thinking a bishop with a lace overlay. That's today's bright idea, anyway. Thanks for the suggestion on the book. I think I will check our library for that one. Our little library has access to every book in the state of NY so maybe they have it. I will check.

  3. Just wanted to add that the roving is soooooo soft and silky. Robin actually sells some rovings that are mixed with silk. Her site is fun to cruise and I hope all check it out.


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