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I have been trying to decide on my next project. Of course that means I needed to go thru all my fabrics, well, maybe not all, but at least all the wools. I found a cashmere that I have had aging nicely for quite some time waiting for the right project. It really is lovely lovely fabric, a charcoal grey with the loveliest hand. It looks wonderful with the silver gray Cotswald curls, so I am trying to work a design that will employ the cashmere, the curls, and some silver metallic free motion embroidery. That's what is gelling at the moment. I am anxious to do some adult design.

I am so close to being done Miss Carly's next smocked outfit. All that is left is the hand sewing on the hem and bindings. It is so cute. As soon as it is done pics will be coming. I did manage to get a little hemming done while working today. So hopefully I will have pics soon.


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting your next final product, as they are all amazing and inspiration. We got our first taste of fall weather Sunday, so cashmere sounds lovely!

  2. We haven't gotten the fall taste of weather yet, but I have been pulled by making a winter coat for quite some time. So hopefully this will work. I am having a hard time finding the right pattern. If I use something from stash I am in mortal fear of it maybe looking dated. And I have been perusing all the Big Four for coat patterns and nothing has clicked yet. We will see what happens.


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