A Smocked Outfit for Carly

This outfit was such fun to do. The color and print of the rose fabric just seduced me. And, when I thought of Carly's strawberry blonde hair, I knew this would be perfect for her.

The fabric is a quilting cotton, nothing too fancy. It has an all over rose print. I needed to find a complimentary print for the pants and bindings and this reddish brown subtle print worked really well.

This outfit morphed from a simple little top to a long top/dress and coordinating capris. My inspiration was "Tickled Pink" from AS&E but it has morphed a fair amount from that. The inspiration smocking plate is not evident here. I think I did maybe the first two rows per the plate and the rest came out of my head. No bullions here! I decided instead to do some rat tail bows and I love them.

When it came time to do the piping, I could not find my piping filler that I usually use. How do you lose something like that? Then I remembered an article somewhere suggesting the use of rat tail cord. That I had, so I tried it. I was not happy. It was a tad larger than what I wanted. But the worst part was that the shine of the rat tail shown thru the piping fabric. Never again on that one! Live and learn,,,,,

Since this started out originally as a top only, I found myself short of fabric when it was time to turn it into a dress. Luckily I was able to get more. Now, how do I lengthen the top? I added on the additional length in a couple of different ways. First, I added about 6 inches more length, tucking the seam up into a tuck, actually two tucks. I was pleased with that effort. Then, to make it even a bit longer, I did a band for the hem. I stitched on an additional 2 1/2 inch band, folded it to the back, and hand stitched the band hem on. At this point, I am pleased with it all and will mail this out to dear daughter in the AM. I can't wait to see a pic of Carly with it on.


With the completion of this little affair for Carly, I am back to deciding on my next project. I have mentioned before that I rarely do more than one project at a time. So when a project is completed, I am rather bereft. I am still hunting for the right pattern for my charcoal cashmere. That looks like the next big to-do. I still need something for handwork to do and have not quite decided what that will be. I think I will search the web tonight for more pattern options. Just my luck it will be a Marfy............Bunny


  1. Bunny this is adorable. I love the colors. Great job. Love it.

  2. Wow! You keep coming up with such fabulous ways to use smocking that I might actually have to try doing some... (I've resisted thinking I don't have any place to 'use' it and thinking I don't have enough time to sew, how would I find time to smock...) :-)

  3. Adorable outfit! I really want to learn smocking one of these days...

  4. You are the most talented lady I know.
    Keep feeding us with you masterpieces.

  5. Too, too cute! It will be perfect for the little strawberry blonde.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments.
    Dana, I do my smocking at TV time, in the car, waiting at the Dr's office,etc. It really isn't anything I feel I need to set aside special time for. Now the construction of the garment, that's different. Lately, I really have to book myself into the studio. That is one of the reasons for the existence of my one project at a time rule. Aren't I rigid?

  7. Beautiful, Bunny! I love the texture on this outfit. It just begs to be touched.

  8. Ahora si puedo escribirte.... a ver decirte cual es el proyecto que tienes que me guste mal,,, es terrible, por que me gusto Todo, el vestido rosa de niña, una cahqueta color crema que tu muestras, una blusa toda plisada arriba, otra cahqueta que meustras en dos tonos, los dos conjuntos de bebes, este y otro que es celeste.. que tiene capucha, los bolsos son genmialess....
    y pensar que yo aprendi a hacer el punto marcando de punto en punto con aguja y tu tienes una cosa que te ayuda... pero todo me encantaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Gracias, Nela.
    Thanks, Crystal for the lovely comments. Greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi Bunny,

    I'm charmed with the smocking works! You have been made a excelents works with this embrodery art.



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