Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now the Lining!

All interior seams of the coat have been catchstitched to the underlining. The hem is faced to add additional length. And now its lining time. Anyone who has tracked my sewing efforts thru the blog knows that I have a sewing "fatal flaw." I can't leave things alone. So in that spirit, I have decided to add some additional detail to where the lining meets the facing. I did not want to do piping. I use piping all the time and wanted something different. I haven't firmed up on this yet but one idea is a wrapped rat tail cord. another is some featherstitching or other embroidery. I feel some samples coming on here............

This Daisy Kingdom pattern from Simplicity is my next inspiration. I am talking the Woman's vest here. First let's say the bows will be nixed. Give me a break! What I like, and it is not evident from the picture, is that there is a band the goes down the CF and the hem. I am looking for something with a band so I can use my tooled leather in combo with the fur. I like the way the shoulders are slightly extended, the better to give a little width to balance out my hips. And I like the collar. I am thinking I will have to extend the band at the CF so it will overlap and I can use either some snaps or buttons from the leather. I am also thinking of making the collar deeper, to get more fur up around my face. So that's what I am aching to stitch up as soon as my coat is in the closet. I am feeling another healthy week of sewing to get it done and with Thanksgiving coming up, this may be the Christmas coat.

Tomorrow, early AM, we will be leaving to see our babies in NH and Mass. for a couple of days. Then it will be up to Cape Elizabeth, Maine for the holiday and a few days with my sister. I am so looking forward to seeing my little angels and commiserating with my sis. We will have a large dinner with lots of extended family on Thanksgiving day and have been discussing menu and recipes for days. We all love to cook. My assignment is the stuffings and the pies. I will be doing two stuffings, a Sage, Hazelnut, and Sausage bread stuffing, and an Oyster stuffing. My pies are Brown Butter Pecan Pie, a traditional pumpkin pie laden with heavy cream, and a cold Pumpkin Mousse Pie. Can't wait to start cooking with sis and family.

I sincerely hope and pray that all of you are able to sit around the table with your loved ones. May they have safe traveling to your home and may you all celebrate in the feast of shared food and thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!......................Bunny


  1. Thanksgiving is not a tradition we have in Australia. So no turkey or pie for us :( Can't wait to see your coat finished and what you do with the new project.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels! I love the fur vest idea and look forward to seeing what you do with it. And, the cashmere jacket is just wonderful. As always, extremely interesting for me to follow your steps and explanation! Happy cooking!

  3. Safe travels, Bunny! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

  4. Goodness, I just gained five pounds reading your post! Happy Thanksgiving, Bunny!

    P.S. My blog is still around even though you might get an error message. I am converting to a new domain and the transition takes a few days. Don't forget me!

  5. Bunny, call Claudette. I lost your number and your e-mail doesn't work.

  6. I'm on it! We are travelling but I should be able to call Wednesday AM. Long story, luv, Bun.

  7. Bunny .- I make a quick visit to his blog and at the same time take the opportunity to see their latest developments in the coat. I am sure we will have a fantastic result. Lately, I am too busy and no time for anything, because I have to finish all the orders from clients before Christmas. I hope to be a little calmer after these dates.

    Regarding your comment on my blog, also the YSL dress is one of my favorites. I have prepared some scans of the outline of the pattern and instructions. Let me know your e-mail and I send to you with great pleasure.

    My email address is:

    Greetings and see you soon.


    Bunny.- hago una visita rápida a su blog y al mismo tiempo aprovecho para ver sus últimos progresos en el abrigo. Estoy seguro de que tendrá un resultado fantástico. Ultimamente, estoy demasiado ocupado y sin tiempo para nada, pues tengo que terminar todos los encargos de las clientas antes de Navidad. Espero estar algo más tranquilo después de estas fechas.

    Respecto a su comentario en mi blog, también el vestido YSL es uno de mis favoritos. He preparado unos escaneos del esquema del patrón y de las instrucciones. Hagame saber su e-mail y se los enviaré a usted con mucho gusto.

    Mi dirección de correo electrónico es:

    Saludos y hasta pronto.



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