Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alterations, yuk!

I abhor alterations. They are something I do for only the closest of family. I don't even like to do them for myself. I just as soon buy or make something new to take the alteration needing garment's place. At Christmas DD asked me to hem some pants she got on sale for her hubby. Of course I acquiesced. But that is as far as it goes, children and children of my children and no one else. I have had family, as in the out-laws, suggest I should be doing this for those who can't Oh, yeah? I don't think so. I have no problem saying no to these requests. Life is too short and I am not about to spend time helping the world get it's hems out of the gutter. Just my selfish way and that's all there is too it.

I mention all of this because right now I am faced with two projects. One is hemming DSIL's CUFFED pants and the other is getting back to my furballs. What's a women to do? Well, how about procrastinate? So rather than face more fluff to vaccuum or doing the math to figure cuffed hems, I decided to clean the basement. It was desperately needed as you can see. We have woodpiles, two freezers, business acquisitions, etc... Well, I got this room clean and then went to the next basement room.
I attacked another room, worse than this one, and then from there went into my 3x12 foot fabric closet. I decided to refold all my fabric. I like to do this once a year. It gives me great inspiration and reminds me of some of the neat things hiding in the stash. I have about half folded and put away right now. Here are just a few of the bottomweights. I am using the folding technique in Happy Zhombie's link highlighted above.

So all of this was to avoid doing the hems, which I have since faced and are almost done, and to avoid dealing with fuzzballmania from the fur vest. Here is where we are with that project. the lining is done, serged, and taped and ready to go into the vest. The vest needs the collar sewn on. It's just basted at the moment, and it needs the sleeved flanges put on as well. This has to happen before putting in the lining. So we are slowly getting there. I cannot wait to be done with this project and back to some real eye candy.

That brings me to some New Years's sewing goals. I have chosen not to look back and count or judge what I have done in 08. Instead I will move forward to 09. That is basically my life's philosophy, move on! So I will. And with that I am thinking of what I have planned for 09. I would like to accomplish the following:

* Master picture smocking. I mean really do an elaborate few pieces well. This is one of those skills that eludes many so I am not alone here. But that is one of my top goals.

* Make more little heirloom outfits for all the tiny young girls I know. It is just such delectable fun.

* Make friends with BWOF and sew a few patterns from the magazine. You have all inspired me. I can't wait to get my subscription and give it a go. Rest assured, I will be asking for imput on this endeavor.

* Meet some of my sewing friends. I have made some wonderful friends via the internet, friends who share the passion and love of sewing. I have even met a few. But I would love to meet more. Even better than that, I would love to meet someone up here who sews actual clothing, not quilts. Are you out there? I did sign up on but so far no response. But I won't give up. Part of the problem is I am just not into the quilting at this stage. I did that bigtime when my girls were little, but that was because it was easier to hand piece than machine sew a garment. My true love is garment sewing and I got back into it as soon as I could. Dropped the quilts, period!

* I would like to make another winter coat. I have even picked out the pattern. I would love a black cashmere or melton and will probably keep my eye out for that at Fabric Fix. I am in no rush at the moment.

So those are the goals for 2009. I have seen your accomplishments, now what are your goals? Please share and lets inspire each other. ..........Bunny


  1. Good goals, Bunny. We'll see if we can work on that goal of meeting more sewistas in 2009.

  2. LOL! I totally understand about alterations. I've done plenty for money, but secretly hate them. I don't even like doing them for my own clothes!

    You know, when I first saw the pictures of the basement, the word "avoidance" popped into my head. I knew what you were up to! Nothing like an odious task to make another one look better.

    If you want to meet up in 2009, let's try. I know you visit NH from time to time and I don't work now and only have to drop off and pick up the children in Concord. I frequently will run down to Manchester to shop, so I'm available. Just let me know.

  3. That's sounds wonderful, Summerset. We are hunkered down for now but I will keep you posted on my next trip or two down. Thanks for the invite.

  4. Your first lines could have been written by me! I hate alterations and in the past have left alterations on my childrens clothes laying around so long, that they didn't fit anymore!

    Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

  5. I, too, long for sewing friends. Some of my best friendships have been through shared sewing, but my husband's Air Force career ended our wanderings. Now I can't find any, and check daily on Pattern Review for someone with the name "lives by alana" to post!

  6. There's an empty space on your shelf in the basement. Isn't that against the law? Ha!

    NO to alterations. YAY to creative sewing!

  7. I'm completely with you on the alterations - I hate them. As for sewing for others - forgetaboutit - not gonna happen! :)

    What a great way to bring in the new year - fondling fabric! Best wishes for a happy and healthy year!

  8. I too HATE alterations and run as fast as I can when someone even comes close to asking me. I feel that if I learned to sew then darn it they can too.
    I also get tired of not finding more people that sew actual clothing. Quilts are okay but after a while you run out of someone to give them to and we don't even like to sleep under them ourselves.
    I don't have any resolutions other then start on one room at a time this year and give it a complete cleaning and make new curtains and clean our basement too. As old and slow as I'm getting it will probably take all year to get it all done :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  9. Alterations are so boring. As for doing them for people who "can't" IMO they can either learn to sew or take them to a business and pay for them. I alter for my immediate family only and would rather clean out my basement too (if I had one!).It looks very tidy.

  10. Happy New Year Bunny! You are very good at procrastination - but you have been rewarded with the clean up. I am working on cleaning out the kitchen. Perhaps the fabric stash refold next :)

  11. Add me to the list of people that dislikes alterations. As I was reading your entry, my first thought was "it's just hemming a pair of pants", and then a little voice reminded me that many of my dh's pants sat for long periods waiting to be hemmed.
    The parent of one of my kid's friend had a broken seperating zip-up jacket one time that he actually sent home (from his kid to mine) asking if I could fix it! I wasn't sure if he wanted me to go out and buy a new zipper, fix it, and send it back (since he didn't even have the manners to call and ask me if I would have the skills/time/inclination to try to fix it! - not to mention the time and money it would take to go find a zipper the correct size and color!!!) WOW! I just let it sit for awhile while I stewed about it, and then sent the jacket back with said kid and told him to say it was beyond my abilities. The same parent ended up being my son's JV basketball coach, and didn't play him much. I'm sure fixing his jacket wouldn't have made much of a difference (and it shouldn't have) but I sure would have kicked myself for doing him a favor if I had.

  12. Beautiful vest. Great goals for 2009. Love your grey cashmere Simplicity coat. Saw review at PR and had to come visit your blog. Glad I did!


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