More Folding!

I couldn't stop, once I had started. I have folded everything as of 6:30 tonight. But, oh, the mess behind me! Why is it you can make more mess cleaning than what you had to begin with? This was a wonderful exercise. The sweater hanger is full of my heirloom fabrics. The shelf on the floor has mostly bottomweights. The high up shelf is coatings, fur, silks, and wannabe silks. This closet is 12 by 3 and the fabric is only on the right side of it. I also have more fabric in the back room. The other side is my library. I know I have far less fabric than most of you but going thru it all has made me aware of a few things:

  • I have far too many poly georgettes. You know, the ones with the awesome prints that just suck you right into the register aisle. I am not sure what to do with them all.
  • Who knew I had 4 yards of ruby red silk dupioni hiding in the stash? This was a nice find that I can't wait to use up.
  • I have more coatings and wools, meltons, cashmere, than I remember. I am anxious to get going on another coat so this was a nice surprise.
  • I have very few knits. I am just not a big knit sewer. I can't tell you why, I just don't sew them v. often. I love wovens.
  • I have loads of yummy linens. I am a sucker for linens. I love to sew on them and how details are are just meant for linens. Think pin tucks and hemstitching.
  • What do you do with an eggplant colored lycra net with eggplant sequins in a paisley pattern on it? Wear it to chop wood? This is one of those exquisite fabrics that I just like to fondle and fantasize about. But up here in the land of fur hats, pack boots, and heavy flannel I just continue to fantasize. Maybe one day...................

So all in all it was a very productive day. I needed a break, though, from folding fabric for two days straight. And what, pray tell, did I do for my break? I went to Joanns and bought more fabric! I really did. I planned on this trip for a while as they have the Vogue patterns on sale. I fell in love with this pattern, Vogue 1083. It will be next winter's coat. I see it in a black cashmere or melton. I think it is to die for. I have wanted to make a swing coat for myself for years. A long time ago I tried on a very expensive one and it was just perfect, even on my petite frame. I have never been able to find the proper pattern but when I saw this it was it. I will need one killer button for this however. I am thinking one of my pieces of real scrimshaw would make a really nice button.

My first day of 2009 went just great. They say what you do today will be what you do all year. I can see that, cleaning, organizing, shopping for fabric and for me! I hope your New Year will be spent doing all that you love to do with those you care for the most........Bunny


  1. Doesn't it feel good to purge, reorganize, and realize what you have?? That's what I've been doing the last day or two also! You've got great fabrics so I'm excited to see what you'll be sewing up!

  2. it's a good feeling to be done folding and organizing.. I'm still slowly working on mine.. just the other day I pulled another box out of the closet that was labeled cotton and was shocked to find fabric I don't even remember buying. I might have no choice but start making quilts to give away just so I can get rid of some. I have very few personal type fabric's because for 8 years I was only buying to make doll clothes that I use to sell on eBay.. now I'm stuck with an overload of knits and cottons..
    Oh well, I think I'll spend this year working on using as much of it up as I can.

  3. Ooooo 4 yards of red silk dupioni, now there's a nice surprise! I love, love, love that coat pattern - it will be beautiful made up.

    Yes, do email me when you'll be in the state next time and we'll see what we can work out.

  4. If what we do in New Year's Day is an indicator of what we'll do all year, then apparently I'll be sitting on my rear watching bad crime drama all year! Congrats on sorting and organizing all your fabric!

  5. Hello Bunny, from Scotland! Thank you so much for the link on how to fold fabric! I only have a small stash, but an even smaller space for storage, so this is extremely helpful. I just started folding some fabrics to try this out and am so impressed at how neat they look. I found your blog via Pattern Review. I just love your hat! Mary Anne.


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