Throwback Thursday and more..........

This is my stash I picked up at Joanns today, on the super cheapo. One is a soft velvet jacquard, another a seafoam dupioni, and the third a bronze plaid dupioni. I paid 2.50 a yd for the dupes and 5.00 for the velvet. Pays to dig in the bottom of the clearance fabric! The really neat thing is that they all work together beautifully. I am not sure what will come of these, but I never pass up a dupioni.

I finished the discharged linen jacket today. I just have one small detail before I put up pics but it may not be till Monday or so. DD's nanny has had a death in the family and we are racing down to Mass. tomorrow to help out. She works for one of those companies that is in the news a lot right now and this is not the time to take time off from work. So we will be heading down to help out.

Jane and Sherril have asked about discharge dyeing. I haven't done any lately but went thru a few years not long ago when I did a lot. I am a huge fan of Lois Ericson. I have all of her books and seeing her on TV is what originally inspired me to try the discharge dyeing. I have her video too! She also had a great article in Threads about discharge dyeing too. Luckily it is still up on the Threads website. The fun with discharge dyeing, for me anyway, is clamping and folding the fabric to get various effects. You never know what you will get and that is part of the fun. I previously posted that the original fabric of the linen BWOF jacket was black. I found my sample and that is wrong. The fabric was originally navy blue. Linen discharges really nicely and so does velvet. One year family and friends all got velvet scarves for Christmas that were discharged. Clicking on the hot link above will give you all you need to know with one caveat. I use vinegar to stop the process, not the chemicals she specs. I use about one part vinegar to 5 parts water. If you don't use either the chemicals or vinegar the bleaching process will continue, no matter how much you rinse out and your fabric can disintegrate. The vinegar also stops the smell of the bleach which has a hard time leaving the fabric at this ratio. Here is a video I found but there is nothing used to stop the bleach action other than water. I don't recommend that. This is also another page I found with clear instructions.

It's throwback Thursday again. This is a silk jacket lined with silk charmeuse. I did the painting using some pieces of cardboard as a resist. I wore this a lot, often with a belt and turtleneck. It is one of those garments that feels yummy. Blogger is not allowing me to upload these photos. I will try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.........Bunny


  1. You have done some fun things. Great jacket. I like how you have painted the lining as well.

    Your Joanns purchases are a bargain too!

  2. Hi. WIsh I could find such great fabric at my local Joanns. And, what is the pattern for your finished jacket? Also love that the lining is painted.

  3. Great deal at Joann's! I picked up some dupioni there the other week for less than 2.50 per yard. I told my daughter what it was and the price and her eyes got big. Even at her age, she knows how expenisve silk can be (and how crazy Joann's is at times!).

  4. I can't pass up dupioni either, but the least I've gotten it for (at JoAnns) was $3 which made my eyes bug out also (that's so cute your dd knows that Summerset)! and that price was only when they had 50% off red-tag fabric.
    Love the velvet also.
    Thanks for providing all the links on discharge dyeing.
    I got my dd to do a little sewing last night, yeah!!! She told me she like sewing on the machine better than hand-sewing. LOL!

  5. I swear you are so talented, Bunny!

  6. Bunny, you never cease to amaze me! You are so talented! Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful projects!


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