Just in case some of you haven't checked this out, Dress A Day, has the funniest posts going right now. If you would like to see what imaginary stories can arise from the pictures on the front of vintage patterns as well as laugh check it out. It makes for delightful reading.

I just finished my classic navy blue linen trouser shorts for Mr. Z., half of the twin squad. I started with this totally unrelated pattern from Simplicity, 2907, shown above. Those over pocketed casual little khaki shorts have morphed into classic, slant pocket, lined, belted with loops, pressed pleat little short with all the features of a good trouser. Next is the shirt. I am copying an outfit in Sew Beautiful. The shirt will be a tea dyed linen and I think I will do the sea horse embroidery, not sure yet on that. The linen is soaking and I will start cutting the shirt as soon as
the fabric is cooked. In the mag it specs two patterns to achieve this look, "Eric" and "Michael" from Children's Corner. Not one to buy a pattern I can develop myself and also being under the gun with Easter, I decided to just morph out my own pattern from what I had in the stash. So far so good. The shirt will require me to move the edge of the shirt off center and change to a shawl collar with a notch cut in. I think I can do it and am egged on by the success of the pants. Keep ya posted............Bunny


  1. Same pattern I began with for my Little Man's Easter outfit. I think it runs pretty big. I also did more classic trousers. Check them out on my blog.

  2. I've used that pattern many times for my neice. It is a great jumping off point for many variations.

  3. I checked out your blog and your little man's suit. You did a fabulous job, Julia. I left you a message there.

  4. That is adorable. Special clothes for special little boys. You and Julia are making me look like a bad grandma.

  5. Bunny gracias por el comentario... pero yo soy la que esta verde de la envidia....


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