Mr. Z's Outfit

Here are Mr. Z's shorts, the bottom half of the cute little nautical number in the previous post. Missing is the brass buckle which I have already scouted out at JA's but need to go into town for. They are lined and have slanted real pockets. The same navy linen is used in the shirt as an accent and I have started that.

I am using the pattern shown in the previous post for the shirt as well. There will be no pockets. The shirt will be further extended over from the CF to make a side buttoned opening. I will also change to a shawl collar.

You can see how I redrew the pattern to make the new neckline and front. This was greatly facilitated by my flexible ruler. I found this baby some time back in the dollar bin at Office Max. It has really earned its spot in my notion cup. I needed 6 inches from the shoulder seam to the end of the front and it was easy to figure with the flexibility of this ruler.
The facing is cut on. So now all pieces are cut out and I hope to get started on the sleeves and collar tonight. The collar is a Madeira and will be embroidered with a little seahorse in gold and ecru. Some MOP buttons will need to be searched out but I will check the stash first. I must have something in there. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more for you on the Madeira applique.
Thank you to my wonderful daughter for shipping my camera out immediately to her needy Mom. She understands..........
If you need any further inspiration for sewing summer garments for your little ones you must check out this contest held on the Everything Sewing board. The creativity is just over the top. I think that one shouldered dress is unbelievable. Fabulous, Betty!...........Bunny


  1. What cute shorts. Your little guys will shine in their new outfits.

  2. How cute! Can' wait to see the shirt.

  3. How cute, Bunny! I know the shirt will be adorable when it is finished.

  4. Love the sailor outfit Bunny!
    I made one for my son, many, many years ago that was similar. (in color, anyway) I've always loved the look.
    Oh, and thanks for the link!
    Just what I need more eye candy to keep me at the computer longer!!!
    (rolls eyes)


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