Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adirondack Moments !

DH and I have been doing a great deal of hiking lately and I wanted to share some pics I took today. These are of Lake Meacham in upstate NY in the Adirondack Park. This is about 20 minutes from our home. We drive there, park, and get out and hike. This is one of our favorite places to go. We do about 5 miles around the edge of the lake. There is a wonderful campground there.

Despite us hitting 92ยบ yesterday, we still have snow lurking on the sides of the road. How depressing!

My favorite photo, and the one I brought the camera to capture is this one of a velvety bog under the trees that caught my eye the other day while we were walking. It was such an emerald green and even more beautiful in reality.

We play with textures, colors, and structure in our sewing endeavors. I believe those of us who have such an eye use it in all that we do, whether it is hiking, cooking, gardening, or sewing. A beautiful bog, a rushing river, an incredible view, it still is all about balance, color, texture, and proportion, as it would be in any beautiful recipe, perennial garden, or perfectly executed garment. Peace........................Bunny


  1. Isn't it nice to get back outdoors after such a long winter? Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. How true! I can't serve up dinner unless it looks pleasing on the plate. It is just as easy to do as plonking it down. Beautiful photos too - thanks for sharing.

  3. This is why you live there! Very lovely photos.

  4. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. How smart of you to actually venture out to enjoy it.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors! Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenery!

  6. Pretty! I love those spots where the moss is such a bright green. It is hard to really capture it with a camera.

  7. soooooo beautiful!!!

    Hey, go to my blog - I just nominated you for the Attitude of Graditude Award!


  8. You are welcome Bunny - I always enjoy coming to your blog! Make sure you copy & paste to your blog what I have in RED on my blog post and then just do what it says in 1-5!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures!


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