Do You Keep Track?

Do you journal, scrapbook, or otherwise keep track of your sewing accomplishments? I do, up to a point. While I don't have a photo album of everything I have made, I do have one for my heirloom garments. I would like to have one for accessories but haven't started that quite yet.

I use a small photo album that I picked up at Michael's. It measures 7 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. They also sell the small sheet protectors to go with it at Michael's. I like this size at it travels easily. My book is stuffed and I think I need to start a new one. I usually put in a front and back picture and if details warrant it, two closeup shots. That way the pictures that face each other relate. I hop into Word and print out in bold just tiny descriptions of the item. Sometimes, if it is obvious, I may not print any, or may just print the date completed. Somehow I just have this strong need to document what I do. Whether that effort is appreciated is kind of besides the point. Does anyone else has this urge? It seems primordial and uncontrollable for me. It is something that I can look at personally long after the garment is gone, and they do all go, from my hands not to be seen again. You can see I have some photos to add, that is if I can squeeze them in. This book goes back to March, 2005.

This is an unblocked, still rough, peek at the smocking for Sophie's Halter Dress. Nearly all of the negative space will filled with smocking stitches. It has been slow going but maybe by next week it can go in the garment. I think I will cut and sew all that I can without the insert and then just wait for handwork to be completed. Slow but sure on this one.

The trench is all traced and it's muslin awaits conception. I must say, I have bookmarked Tany's Lavender Trench and it has been invaluable in helping me sort thru this BWOF jacket. Thanks, Tany...........Bunny


  1. Gorgeous smocking, as always. I don't document what I do, but I wish I had a record of years past.

  2. I'm usually pretty good at taking pictures of the things I make....but not so good at organizing them! I would also like to get better about taking notes as I'm making things so I and go back an reference stitch settings or special techinques/tips that worked or didn't work. I love the thread colors you've chosen with this fabric!

  3. What beautiful stacked cables!

  4. Since PR and blogging I have been keeping details on my Flickr and blog. I generally have a set for each item and then one for each year.

  5. I keep track since I'm blogging; besides, I always keep the pattern (copied from the original) and a swatch of fabric used for each project

  6. Only via my blog! I make way too much stuff for too many people. It is hard to keep track and I do not photograph all the alterations/costumes.


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