A Camo Jammo!

We have gone from frilly hats to macho jammies this week! My grandson wanted what he calls "army jammies" and of course Grandma acquiesced. This was made with a pretty heavy flannel from Joanns. It was washed twice and really held up well so props to Joanns for a decent flannel. I know sometimes they are not the greatest but what do you expect for 2.00 a yard? This one was a few dollars more. Anyhoo, this was made with my TNT jammie pattern, New Look 6421. I can't tell you how many times I have cut this pattern. I have traced off nearly every size at this point so need to do a little reorganizing to store it.

On these jammies I usually do piping on the sleeve cuffs, pants cuffs, CF, collar, and pocket. This time, I decided to pipe just the collar and pocket. I didn't want to add much more bulk to the fabric, just accent those two details. 99% of the time I do a mini piping, made with my pintuck foot. But because of the heft of the flannel, I decided to do a regular size piping and used my Creative Foot which worked very nicely. One thing unique about this pattern is that they have you slant back the piping as it reaches the bodice. You can see a picture here:
Normally, I just run my piping to the end of the fabric in a straight line, removing any cord that might be in the seam line. But again, I am nearly always using a tiny mini piping.
It is now time to move on to the next project.That may require some diddling with my small stash for inspiration. I also have to make the skirt for my wedding ensemble. I am still not solid on that one. The fabric is ombre, shading from an off white to a soft green so the challenge is there to best utilize that "ombre stripe"........Bunny


  1. Wow, piping in PJ's. Not this Grandma. I made 9 pairs of summer sleep shorts for two of my grandsons this weekend. But no piping. Just super quick shorts -no side seams. Those GI Joe pj's would be any little boys dream. Good job grandma.

  2. Perfect little boy PJ's! And probably the best constructed PJ's ever! He'll be thrilled -- and you get extra grannie points!

  3. Very nice! I'm taking notes on all the little boy stuff, as my GS is not yet one year old.

  4. I'm impressed. Piping on PJ's? Wow. Your grandson is going to be in heaven in those.
    What kind of fabric is the ombre? It sound pretty.

  5. Awww - how cute. Love the piping detail.

  6. very nice Bunny.- muy bonito y muy original la tela "camuflaje"..

  7. The cutest PJs ever! Great job!


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