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My copy of New Look 6421 has been well used. You can see I have traced off several different sizes of this pattern. My latest effort, the camo jammies, was the largest size so did not require tracing off. Now, how to store these patterns? You may have seen my tute on pattern folding. But this pattern is beyond that. There are three different sizes traced off. I fold them up laying the pieces in the largest piece of the bodice. Then it is pinned together as shown in the pic. I know I will be using this pattern again in the not too distant future for my little twin Zackie.

At Staples I found the envelopes that you see in the photo on the left. It is made of a product similar to page protectors. I had to buy it in a group of various colors. The envelopes are see thru and close, envelope style, with a piece of velcro. These envelopes are page size and clear. You can tuck in the traced off patterns as well as place the original pattern envelope in the front for viewing. I think this is a great solution for TNT heirloom patterns where you are tracing off various sizes over several years. I stumbled onto this solution yesterday while finishing up filing some tax information.

My next organization challenge are my magazines. I have a few ideas on that one.


Martha, of Southern Matriarch, has done an incredible tute on seaming bishops. She gives two methods, both of which she has used. This is the stuff of heirloom legend so check it out....Bunny


  1. LOL, you are too kind.I think legend may be going a tad far. :) Superhero maybe.

  2. Great idea for storing patterns, especially when you have multiples of one pattern. I trace all of my patterns. I use "pattern keepers" from to store the original pattern and my tracings.

  3. I've been using job ticket holders for the same thing. Like these.|prodPage~15^freeText~job+ticket+holder^paramValue~true^refine~1^region~1^param~return_skus^return_skus~Y


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