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The ombre wedding skirt is hanging out for a while and now it is time to plan my next two projects. The red and white fabric is a cotton/lycra sateen that I plan to make into Burda #119-March-09, a trench. I have a collection of bakelite buckles and am hoping I can pull out the right buckle for the belt. This fabric is quite vivid and the bakelite has a bit of patina at this point so I am not sure I can make that idea work yet. Tomorrow will be time to play with the Bakelite. I am going to underline the trench only and do Hong Kong seams. Tomorrow I will head to town to get the lining. I can't seem to stop making those lining trips!
Next in the queue for my handwork project is a dress for Sophie. I have this darling summer bright cotton floral. What I would like to do is a halter dress with a fully smocked front bodice. BUT, I have an insert I made a while back that you can see on the left. It is way too small for a full bodice but it could still end up being part of the action if I don't find the right pattern. If I find a cute halter pattern I will use the orange fabric on the right for the smocked bodice. I think this will be a really fun dress to make. It is just such fun to work on these bright prints. They are seductive.

My sewing time has cut down the past few days as DH and I have been doing some serious hiking. Today we did ten miles. We are trying to rid ourselves of the winter excesses and this is such an enjoyable way to do it. Isn't there anything we can do to make sewing burn a few more calories?......Bunny


  1. Hey Bunny,
    I love the smocked insert and it will look great with your fabric.
    There is a halter top and pants in SB from last year. I made it longer in dress form for my twins. We discussed this pattern a week or two ago on HS&S if you are interested. I'll try and look up the issue number for you, if you can't find it on the board.

  2. Thank you so much, Lori. I will dig out my SBs and see if I can find it. I vaguely remember that outfit.

  3. Beautiful fabrics. The red/white coat will be smashing! Love those bright colors for the smocked dress.

    If sewing burned calories, wow--we would all be svelte!

  4. Love the red print!
    Yeah, that's the thing about sewing that's frustrating. That's why I can't figure out how Summerset is so prolific, yet so svelte! Some peope have all the luck!

  5. Oh, I forgot to ask Lori, What is HS&S?

  6. It is a forum at Delphi Forums called Heirloom Sewing and Smocking. There are some very very talented women on that board.


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