Simplicity 2912

Turns out I had the perfect halter pattern right under my nose. I wanted one with the banding around the bodice and this is right on. I will not be doing the cumberbund in the front. Instead the smocking will go to the waistline. Then I think I will do a sash connecting at the sides. I don't believe I will do the hem band either. I am trying to keep this simple but you all know how lousy I am at doing that. Things just get amplified in my sewing universe sometimes.

I traced off the bodice, doubling it so I could use it to block my smocking. This way I can just pin the pattern piece down on my smocking board and block away. I spent the last hour or so getting the fabric pleated and I am anxious to start stitching. I am looking for something really simple, like a trellis. Those plates that are all trellis seem to work up really quickly and I like that idea. I will get my trench muslin going soon so will be working on both at the same time, my modus operandi, two projects, one with hand work, one mostly machine work..........Bunny


  1. Oh Bunny, I can't wait to see this one. I think I may even have that pattern too. What fabric are you using?

    Come check out how India's Dream Dress is coming. Lots of pic on the blog.

  2. You'll make a stunning dress as always. Your mastery of smocking is always evident.

  3. Oh Bunny, you know I love that pattern! I'm sure you already noticed (but just in case you didn't), eliminating the hem band doesn't change the skirt length, since it is placed over the hem, not added to it. I can't wait to see your smocked version!

  4. Looking forward to both projects.

  5. Oh, this is going to so cute. I have a 7 year old DGG who would love it! It has all the necessary elements -- back interest and a great twirl factor!


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