Thursday Throwback

My plate for the Halter Dress is from AS&E #74 and called Market Day. However, I am going for texture here only and will not be doing any of the embroidery. Also because of the shape of my bodice I will utilize on the lower half of the plate, not the upper V area. This is not the mindless trellising that I was looking for but didn't realize that until after starting. I find I really have to focus with this one. Today I hope to work on my trench tracing and then the muslin as a respite. This is why I like having these two different types of projects going at the same time. It lets me focus my SADD (sewing attention deficit disorder) brain on two different projects and no UFOs. So back and forth it will be.

Got a Thursday Throwback here for you today. This jacket was entered and won an Honorable Mention in the annual Hoffman Fabrics contest Maybe in 92-93. In this contest, each year Hoffman Fabrics would pick a fabric, usually a nightmare one, that had to be in 2/3rds of the garment or quilt submitted. For whatever reason, I tried to put in so many techniques in this one. I started by quilting the fabric with metallic thread.

The edge has a braid of another Hoffman fabric that abuts piping of the same fabric. I like how that came out. My pockets, real ones, are faced shapes with the edge deliberately left showing. They back of the opening is fabric I made with bits and pieces of silky fabrics and assorted sparklies underneath a tulle layer and then stitched thru. The bottom of the pockets are a piped piece of silk. Overkill? Why I used fell stitches to attach the piping to the outer pocket gets me. Looking back on these things really makes you see where you have gone wrong.

I do like the shoulder treatment here: It is a bias strip applied to the shoulder seam and really quite easy to do.

I think when my kids find this one day it will be "what was she thinking?" But then again, they have learned long ago not to even bother asking that question.....Bunny


  1. I remember those Hoffman challenges. I never entered, but was aware of them, and enjoyed seeing the entries.

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