Betty's Dress, Part 2

I have received quite a few e-mails and PMs from sewists who are sewing along with Betty's Dress. Seems they have been admiring the dress for a while and now feel motivated. Can't say that I blame them. It is just so darling.

Now I still haven't done any real construction. The sash, the way I do it, will be inserted in the side seam. I have decided to do my signature sash but with Betty's recommendations. She suggests that each sash match the side it is coming from. So with Betty's design you have one print sash and one solid sash. I love that idea. Once you tie them they will contrast with the side they are "laying" on.

Today I made my piping out of the bright yellow fabric. I always make my details first. Then I applied it to the sash as I did for Sophie's Halter Dress. Since I have made Sophie's dress I have had some questions about the measurements of the sashes. This all depends on the size of the child. Sophie is five and her sash was a finished width of 2 3/4 inches. Carly is 18 months old and I cut the width of the sash back to 2 1/4 inches. These measurements are for the finished width. Add to them whatever seam allowance you are comfortable using. Personally I like a 3/8 SA on the sashes. Bottom line is it will be trimmed back before turning. If you are following along, make your sashes next as they will be inserted into the side seams. Some attach them after the bodice is constructed but I like a clean insertion. Just my preference.

After dealing with the piping the skirt has to be dealt with. You cannot proceed until the skirts are measured and cut and attached to the bodices. After that happens you can insert the invisible zipper or placket and also the piping. Betty's instructions have you measure your bodice pieces that use a print at the waist and multiply that measurement by 2. This is the width of the fabric that will be cut by the length you want. I always factor in a deep 3 to 4 inch hem, as you see in Betty's design. Then measure your solid bodice pieces at the waist and double that measurement for the skirt measurement for the solid fabric. Once these skirt pieces are cut out you will have all your pieces ready to go.

This is where my construction stands at the moment. I have an intense week coming up with work and visitors but will continue. For those following along, keep checking. At this point, all the preliminaries are done and the actual construction should go quickly..........Bunny


  1. I love the idea of a the sash made with two fabric. Iwould never have thought of that. I can't wait for the photos.
    Bon courage

  2. Bunny,
    Sorry to bother you again
    but as I don't have your email
    I would like you to drop by my blog
    There's a surprise for you in today's post
    Hope you'll be glad to accept it



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