Thursday, July 23, 2009

GWS continues....

Today I focused on auditioning various parts of the machine sewing equation for the shirt. I have areas to embellish and was not sure if my idea would work. I also wanted to have the tensions, needles, threads, etc, all worked out before putting fabric to machine. My final embellishment that I settled on is not in this pile, ;) .Surprises coming on this blouse! It is so much fun working out the design as I go. I definitely started out with a design in mind but I love taking different turns on the road to completion. My basic original design is there but the embellishment keeps evolving. If you have followed this blog for any time at all you know that this is my normal procedure. My finished products have a way of growing into major productions no matter how simple I start out. I guess it is just the way I enjoy doing things.


The grey, dank weather continues here. We have had ONE day over 80 with sunshine since June 1st. It is quite disheartening. Between the mushrooms growing outside are my garden spots and they are thriving. Everything is lush and laden with flowers. Tonight I had a wonderful salad made with our lettuce and all sorts of fresh herbs from the garden. It was yummy. I will leave you with the latest shot of my lovely blue hydrangeas. They are very happy.... Bunny


  1. It is very exciting for me to follow the process of this blouse. I am still a fairly new reader of yours and haven't been an observer of your previous projects. Designing sounds so interesting. I don't think I would have the time or patience to do that at this stage in my life with having small children, much less the expertise. I guess I have so many projects I want to do for everyone. I would have to be willing to spend time on one for a while. Probably at some point I can do this. I will enjoy reading about how you do this. I am glad you are sharing the step-by-step. I am sure I can a lot from you.

    I love the idea of eating from your own garden. I need to do a garden with the children. I've always wanted to have one, and still haven't done it. It would be a neat experience for them and build good memories as well. I'm a little nervous about starting one because I don't quite know how to get started and if anything will grow. Maybe I can start with one thing, or let each child chose one or two veges and see what happens.

    I love the Hydrandeas. They are so pretty, they bring a smile to my face, which I need right now because I am so sad after losing my grandmother. I can't stop crying. I hope this passes, soon!

  2. Trudy, I have emailed you. So very sorry for your loss. Grandmothers are so so special.

  3. It's very interesting, how you let your garments evolve--much as other types of artists do. I think we get caught up in trying to follow a pattern to a "t" and don't let the designer in us come through.

    Your posts are very informative and inspiring.

  4. I read the pattern once and then generally toss it aside. I use unit construction for my garments so with that approach and a bit of experience, you really don't need much more direction. I will do my sleeves, totally, then my collar, ect. Each unit will be totally done before I put it together. Sounds logical but many patterns do not approach sewing this way. With the unit approach it doesn't really matter where you start or finish in the process. You just work on your units till you have them all ready to be put together.

  5. Can't wait to see your work on this. And thanks for your excellent description of entredeaux. I very much enjoyed getting the "straight poop!" I'm not insulted at all as we can always learn more!

  6. You are such a sweetie, Claire!


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