Sunday, July 26, 2009

Odds and Ends

I found this porcelain doll with the hand painted face (I think) at our local Good Will. I have always loved porcelain dolls but they have never really been a priority on the shopping list. This was kismet. For 2.99 I got her, complete with an amazing head of hair that feels really nice, porcelain hands, head, and feet, and slender cloth body. She needs a slight cleaning but nothing a good wipe won't take care of. I have researched cleaning these dolls and have found a LOT of different methods. So if anyone has a secret, safe method, please let me know. I hope she becomes a canvas for some heirloom work as well as some tiny tailored garments. This doll will definitely be given to one of the grandaughters. I have two, but only one doll, so will be on the search for another. The dress she came in is absolutely horrendous, huge, tacky and not doing any justice to her pretty face. We will change all that. I have lots of doll clothes patterns but her body is slender. I think the AG patterns would fit on the length but not on the width. I will be pattern hunting now. So this is my latest inspiration. She just needs a name. I think I will let my DGD #1 pick out her name. She has great names for her dolls.


The GWS is coming along with the sleeves just needing to be gathered and steamed into shape at the sleeve cap. If you are new to the blog, this is the method I used on my last linen blouse. Linen is not the easiest thing to shape, particularly the finer it is. The smocking is 2/3ds done but other handwork on the back and collar needs to be adressed. It's coming..............


DH and I are staining and painting our decks. The whole stripping, power washing part is done and we are just waiting for some serious continuous sunshine before putting brush to deck. We had to remove everything from the area. After a couple of days of drifting around the garden, I moved the table and chairs out of the way to one of our ancient apple trees. Bingo! This little grouping is perfect under the big apple tree and may never return to the deck. What you can't appreciate in the photo is the lovely canopy engulfs you when you are at the table under the tree. It feels really nice and there is a great view of the shade garden from there. Behind the apple tree to the left are woods. DH keeps a path cut thru them so we can freely visit with our neighbors across the bush.


And last but not least on this summer Sunday, a bouquet for all of you. Thanks for reading the blog, making your comments, and being friends. Welcome to our new visitors. You are always welcome here and hopefully will enjoy your visits. Thanks to all my loyal followers. You give to me so much with your knowledge and kindness. You are all appreciated.


  1. Awww, Bunny... that table looks so inviting! How I wish we could share some lemonade and conversation there!

  2. Would love to come over with Emily and visit with you out in the lawn on those chairs under the trees. Looks so inviting and relaxing.

    Looks like you will be having a lot of fun the doll. What lucky granddaughters.

  3. The doll is beautiful. I love her green eyes. I should blog about my Mother's dolls. She still has most of them from her childhood. Actually, she had them till she gave them all to her daughters and grand daughters. I also have some that she made when she was 10 years old. That may just be my next post.
    I want to have a tea party under your apple trees! Beautiful!

  4. Bunny - I love the table under the apple tree(s). It looks like a painting.

  5. Thankyou for sharing with us! And the table under the tree looks so inviting.

  6. that doll is so pretty


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