Saturday, November 14, 2009

Felted Wool Bag Completed

Finished this little number this morning and I think it is perfect for my barteree, or is it barteror? The lining is from one of those poly blouses of Ima's that I took home. I added the key chain and a triple pocket, all pretty simple construction.

This was a lot of fun to do and I hope to whip out a few more before the holidays. In the meantime it is back to Carly's coat. I have decided on a third "heart" embroidery. It is pretty much  the same as the non felted one but with different colors and some outline stitching added in for highlight. I think the linearity of the embroidery will go better with the graphic of the dress print. Frankly, though, I think either would have been OK. Now I have to dig thru my patterns for a hat for the ensemble. I want Carly to have a cloche. I have located a couple of adult patterns on the web and may just size one down. But I will check the stash first.


Yesterday was a rough day. I had a mandatory errand in town which put me next to the supermarket and Joanns, not a good thing. I did the errand, ran into the supermarket and told the cashier  to please make sure the weight of the groceries was spread out very thinly in the bags. She did but they were still bags of groceries. Pushing that carriage didn't help the situation either and I was really wishing DH was with me. I went on to Joanns, stupe that I am, and sat at the pattern table for a looooong time. Then I went and grabbed the Missoni print I had hidden in the clearance area, I know, got it cut at its 50% off clearance price, and came home. This was all waaaaay toooo much. Talk about exhaustion. I am someone who doesn't do exhaustion. Nor do I do rest very well either. But I learned a big lesson. I need to just sit or lay down and that is the end of that until the three weeks is up and the doctor says I can get back to my old routine. I can be so hard headed. I am also going to limit my up and down the stairs too. So it will be down to the cave and no coming up for hours....I can do a lot of quiet sewing down there which I think will be Ok. I am going to start embroiderying the coat now. Here's my Missoni:


  1. That's so neat that you could use one of Ima's blouses for the lining. It will always have special meaning because of that.

  2. I like your purse.

  3. The bag is terrific. Sounds like you may have overdone the "out and about". Hand embroidery it just the pill you need!

  4. cute purse. Hope you have rested now!

  5. Great bag! I saved a bunch of my mom's cotton blouses after she passed, waiting for the right project to come along for a memory project. Your bag is would be a perfect token. Thanks!

  6. Oh Bunny, you were supposed to be a good girl!!! I say that as I am sooooo grounded with the flu or something. No energy to even finish the projects I need to do today. And I am not recovering from surgery like you are, so you had better be good!!!

    Very pretty purse! And whatcha gonna do with that knit?
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  7. I love this bag! It is perfection and great recycling, too. The colors would suite me to a T.

    I know exactly what you've done with the overdoing thing. Been there and done it after hernia surgery. It's hard on those of us that are used to going and going. We hate to give in and really slow down. Overdoing it just once-badly-is usually enough make us sit quietly for awhile. Take care and have a good recovery.

  8. Oops.....suit me, not suite me, of course. Sorry.

  9. The bag is great -- and I love your "missoni". Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    So --- are you learning your lesson yet??? Stay quiet and get well!

  10. Cute tote! What part is felted? I'm assuming the lt. pinky peach, since you left it pink-edged on the accent piece?
    I'm also interested in what you do with the Missoni piece.

  11. Cute bag! I know it is hard to rest - I'd have a hard time doing it to.

  12. Oooooh, those wonderful chickens on your bag--love it!


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