Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little Cashmere Hat with Cockade

I did a search on cockades thru Google images. Most were folded or pleated ribbons with a central element, maybe a button, special feather, or medal. I was on the right track. I had one of my embroidered samples to play with and a bit of leftover lining fabric. Here is Carly's hat:

I think it will be darling with the coat. Right now I am starting all the bullions. I have decided to go with Gail's wonderful design with my adaptations. There will be no buttons. The hearts were felted white wool that I further needle felted into the cashmere. I did a little extra embroidery around the edges with chain stitches and a blanket stitch. My bullion roses will be an orangey red. The red/pinks just did not work with all the black and white in the ensemble.

This hat took me no time to make, literally. I used the hat in Butterick 6030, a boy's pattern. There were quite a few hat patterns in my stash but this was the closest I could get to the cloche look I wanted. One thing about this pattern. It has you use 1/4 inch seams and they are printed on the sections and referred to in the pattern. My 1/4 inch quilting foot came in really handy for this, especially matching up the points at the top of each section. Lining the point up with the appropriate marking on the foot made them perfect.

This pattern does not tell you that the seams to close the brim and attach it to the crown are 5/8ths. My gut told me to double check. It's a good thing. Knowing that, I can tell you this is beautifully drafted.It's not often a hat pattern with sections like this fits the brim so perfectly.

This is how I handled the collar. I cut it in a block but cutting the outside edge correctly and snipping where the neckline began. This way I didn't risk the bias neckline edge stretching out while I did all the handwork. It seems to be holding its shape so far.

This has been a great recuperation project. It has tons of embroidery I can do while "resting", something I am not good at. All this embroidery has held my attention long enough to get the needed rest and I feel on the mend, not there yet, but getting there. Making this little hat for Carly's outfit took about two hours at the machine and iron, much of it standing and ironing. I can feel it now and will get back to my nest and my bullions. This is getting close to done. Think I can get another smocked dress and coat done before Christmas? I sure hope so.........Bunny


  1. That hat is delicious! What a beautiful coat/hat combo that little girl is going to have. Thank goodness for hand-work to occupy. Continued healing to you.

  2. That is a wonderful hat. I love it. I hope you are recouping quickly.

  3. That hat is wonderful! She will look beautiful. What a lucky little girl.

  4. I've never even heard of a cockade before, but it's lovely. That hat is so darling. Hope all this recuperative sewing is helping.

  5. Oh, Bunny. That little cloche is adorable. I made a similar one for Eliza a few years back. Love it! Can't wait to see the whole "ensemble". Maybe we'll get to see it on Carly???

    Rest up and get well soon.


  6. OMG, that is darling!!! CUTE. Love it.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I just ♥ this little hat, Bunny! It is going to be adorable on Carly & I can't wait to see the entire ensemble modeled.

    I'm relieved to hear you are sitting down & getting some healing rest in between all the things you HAVE to do. Give it time & you'll be back to your full speed (150 mph!) very soon.


  9. The hat is adorable. I love the word "cockade". Sounds so revolutionary.
    This will be a striking outfit!

  10. That's a darling cloche. Gorgeous. I am totally in love with it!

  11. If that isn't the cutest thing I ever saw, I don't know what is! Perfectly adorable and a great little project for recuperating.

  12. I love this little's got tons of creativity to it!


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