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I have been slowly nurturing the idea of making a Chanel jacket for myself. I have found some great fabric, but until I hone in on the pattern, I don't want to buy it. The fabric I want is quite expensive so I am not looking to waste. My first choice pattern would be Claire Schaeffer's Chanel jacket from Vogue, OOP and really hard to find. I will keep looking though. In the meantime I found this Connie Crawford pattern that has a two piece sleeve and the shoulder princess seams. It has a shawl collar too, but that would be nixed. Here is Butterick 5336

Here is my dilemma. Connie's pattern innards say, " These patterns are designed for full figured women's proportions. Each pattern is specially fitted for rounded shoulders, (don't have), fuller stomachs, (not really) and thicker waists...." Am I barking up the wrong tree here?  The pattern is offered in extra small, whatever that is. It seems closest to my measurements. But her sizing also suggest getting this by your retail size. Confusing for the non full proportioned woman. I am an aging hourglass, still have a waist, need a good bra for my Cs, and have very narrow shoulders and back. Am I wasting my time here? Does anyone have any experience with this pattern before I go the muslin route? I will definitely be making a muslin, but would like to keep down to the single digits! I really like this jacket but don't want to waste my time. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you ever so much...

Just when I think I am getting back to my old self I get knocked off my saddle. I swear I have a UTI now and will see the doctor on Wednesday. Just want this s--t to be over with. It is cutting into my joy for life, I tell ya. Oy,,,,,,,,Bunny


  1. I have made one blouse from Connie Crawford - I enjoyed the pattern, but the shirt was too short lengthwise - I added 1" extra (my standard change for all tops/jackets), but the shirt still hit above where I like them to end.

    I would recommend a muslin for sure. But the sizing was right on -

  2. I think the way to get your questions answered about this pattern is to buy a pattern at Joann's when they are on sale, then make a muslin. I like the looks of Vogue 7975 very much. The reviews on are very good for this pattern.


  3. Debbie Cook made up some of her patterns and found them rather shapeless with too much ease. I haven't made them up myself, but I think that you can come up with a better pattern.

  4. I love sewing vicariously along with you for your lovely grandaughters. My oldest grandaughter can not stand a dress on for longer than she has to and the only one I have been able to make for her was a First Communion dress that she kept on for a maximum of 15 minutes after the ceremony. Any way, do not put off the doctor until Wednesday, you need to call tomorrow and get some antibiotics or get in the office right away. Don't play around and wait!

  5. What a newsy post....first - Maybe it's just me (it probably is), I have a great fondness for Burda. After making them over and over - even for my clients, they that I mean they fit. And that's what I'm using for my Chanel jacket that I was supposed to make up last fall, but of course haven't yet. Anyway, my two favs are Burda 7772 here:

    This requires a little work - like the spliting of the sleeve seam to make it three parts, and a little redo of the front so that the center front doesn't "kiss" or meet, but rather overlaps so that you can do button holes & buttons up the front.

    The other one is 8949 here:

    This one may require a little more work - adding a collar, etc., but it has that dart in the side piece which is particularly wonderful for fitting my body - so this may just be my particular taste.

    On the Connie Crawford pattern - you're right the shawl collar is a little tricky for a Chanel jacket. It does have that front seam, but to be honest I don't consider that a jacket pattern that doesn't have that a deal killer for me. It's the fit that I think is important not so much the seam - but again that's my taste.


    On the UTI, I've never had one (knock on wood), but my sister lives with them, but she has taken to drinking a lot of water, something I'm sure you've heard...and cranberry juice and cranberries, but you're right our health is everything. Good luck and take care of yourself!!

  6. Hmmmm, that's a tough one. I bought one of her patterns and just by holding it up to me I realized it wasn't right for my body type. I'd pin the main pieces together and see how they look when draped over you. That can give you a preliminary assessment.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about you suffering from UTI, you must see a doctor asap it ruins your life as you say
    You must drink a lot of water
    fresh squeezed lemon juice is a good medecine too
    Too be frank I would not use CC Pattern for your figure type
    I guess you've heard of Marji Carolyn's calls her the Chanel Jacket Queen. See her blog : http://fiberartsafloat.blogspot.c
    I am on the process of sewing one with the Go Chanel or Go Home SAL
    It's very time consuming (I am quilting the lining)
    Ann from Ann's fashion Studio has been very helpful
    I found another great inspiring blog especially concerning Chanel Trim

    Take care


  8. I have made a Chanel-type jacket from Vogue 7975 and was very pleased. My figure is not dissimilar to yours and I don't think the CC pattern would be right.I think a with a shoulder princess it is easier to quilt the lining than with armhole princess seams, and that is the advantage of 7975. I split the upper sleeve from shoulderpoint to wrist to make a 3-piece sleeve. It might also be worth thinking about Nancy Erickson's Fashion Sewing Group 1945. It would need to be shortened, but she certainly uses the pattern to make Chanel-type jackets and there are some pictures on her website. Get well soon!
    Anne Frances

  9. Sorry you're still not back to 100%, Bunny. I have looked at the Connie Crawford patterns and decided that they are just not intended for my body type. There are lots of good Chanel-inspired patterns out there, so if I were you, I'd keep looking rather than go to all of the trouble to make the CC pattern work for you.

  10. I agree with Nancy K—keep looking. And sorry to hear about the UTI! Ugh, those are not fun. Feel better.

  11. I have a middle aged hour-glass body type too and have good results with Vogue. The drafting is better for my body type. If Vogue and Butterick work for you think about sticking with them as pattern sources (V7975 has the princess seam w/o collar). With something as couture and fitted as a Chanel jacket this might not be the optimal time to test different drafting standards.

    UIT - dread... I had my first kidney/UTI experience when I was 5. The gals here are right. Don't wait on the doc, and everyday -YES- cranberry. If you can't stand the stuff take supplements. When you think a UTI is coming on take a couple extra throughout the day. I also take nettle and corn silk but cranberry's an absolute must.

    Cranberry has compounds that have been shown in scientific research to prohibit the bactirium's ability to adhere to the wall of the urinary tract. Those little sucker's are always there so don't give them a place to stay.

  12. Thanks, all, for the great suggestions. I think I will nix it. I really like the look of the V7975 and think I will go that way. I know how to make a Vogue fit so why take the chance with something else.

    Appreciate all the kind thoughts on the UTI. I have suffered from them for a long time. They went away and recently came back. That is why I had the second surgery recently. Maybe it is just too early to feel all better.We'll see what the doctor says.

  13. Sorry to read your butt is still draggin', Darlin'! You need a vacation someplace warm & sunny! I hear what you're saying about stealing your colors your whole world when you don't feel well. {HUGS}

    FYI: I ran across this site while looking for your pattern for you & found it of interest:

    Feel better soon, Hon!

  14. Also some good suggestions here:

  15. Will this one work?

  16. I emailed you, but I do hope you're taking it easy and feeling better soon!


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