Missoni "type" Top

I found this great fabric on the last Joanns clearance fror 2.50 a yard. There wasn't much left on the bolt but the top I was making didn't need much. Then I decided to change my mind on the pattern, started the layout, and with the matching required really needed some creative problem solving. I just did not have enough to match all the seams. Hmmmm,,,,I slept on it, and of course had one of my nightime eureka moments. The hip band on this pattern, Simplicity 3790, view B, had the bottom edge on the fold. If I added a seam allowance there and cut a facing for the inside instead of using the fold for the entire piece I could pull it off. I had enough to match the outer band and for the facing, well, who cares? So I managed to get it all matched. Made this puppy this morning within two hours. I think I will make it again it is so fast and easy.

Here is the blousey version and the back.

About the pattern Simplicity 3790, View C:

* I flat measured and then knew this would fit without any alterations.
* I decided to not do the inset and just leave the v-neck wide open. 
* I used two rows of a v. narrow zigzag, 1.0 wide and 1.5 long. Just wasn't in a serging mood today.

*Because the fabric was stretchy I stabilized the shoulder seams with some silk selvedge from my selvedge bottle. Do you cut off selvedges from your fabrics and save them in a jar? Comes in real handy.
*I used Steam a Seam 2 for the sleeves and bottom hems. Love that stuff!
*I did View C with the smooth hip band but cut the longer 3/4 sleeves. 

And that is about it, pretty simple, quick, and now RTW.


Feeling better today but still seeing the doctor tomorrow. Thanks for all the good hints and wishes.

Thanks also for all of your feedback on the Channel jacket. The pattern is up for anyone who wants it. Just wing me an email and first one gets it. Sizing goes from xtra small to xtra large "ready to wear". Go figure! In other words all the sizes are in the envelope.

On the Little Red Coat I am doing the last of the bullion buds and should finish today. Then it is finally construction. The pattern is for an edge lined, bias bound jacket, no buttons. Mine will be a faced hem, to max out the length, separately hanging lining, and bound buttonholes. Keep you posted!

Here is a shot of the back yard at lunchtime. It is a grey dreary day with quite a few more predicted, just what I need for some happy stitching.....Bunny


  1. You have snow! Wow. It's been so warm here.
    Love the sweater. Nice layering piece for the cold north!

  2. Brrr, that looks cold! But serene. Cute top. Looks very nice layered like that.

  3. Snow already in NY?! Too soon! Love that top.

  4. Lovely top, night time can be so full of good ideas.

  5. Prett snow, pretty top. Thanks for the selvedge tip- that never occurred to me but it is a good idea

  6. ooh, ooh! I have that pattern!!! Never thought to use a sweater knit and leave off the underlayer. You're brilliant! As for your picturesque back yard... when can I move in? For a cup of hot chocolate, I'll do the dishes and the windows!

  7. Very nice use of a stripe fabric. The belt looks great with it. Wow--snow! It's coming my way--Michigan. I love it. I'm much more creative in the winter.

  8. That is absolutely beautiful! Well done!
    The snow looks pretty too, but... I know what it feels like BRRRR.... so I'm staying put in LA :))

  9. What a wonderful sweater, can't believe you found that fabric at J's. Great job.

  10. Cute top!
    I was a little surprised by the snow, but then remembered you live near the Canadian border, and then remembered that it snowed many years ago in Chicago when we were married mid-November, so it makes sense. Just haven't experienced it myself in quite awhile. Heck, we'ver barely turned the A/C off!
    but we've since turned the heat on!

  11. Gorgeous, that snow. And the top is really cute!

  12. Great top, Bunny. No one would ever know that it is not Missoni! Your weather is the kind that makes me want to hole up in the sewing room and never come out!

  13. Hi Bunny, don't comment much, but wanted to tell you how lovely the topper is. You've got a great eye. What a lucky find!

  14. Hi Bunny. Have you sewn with Trudy Jansen patterns? She's an indie pattern maker in Canada. She has some lovely designs, including a Chanel jacket.

    Her websit is:http://www.trudyjansendesign.com/

  15. What a bargain - very stylish! Great wintery photo - it's the exact opposite here - it's interesting to watch the seasons swap over on blogland!

  16. I am so jealous of your fabric find! Great top. Thanks for sharing your take on this Simplicity pattern.

  17. I really like the style you've used for your Missoni-type fabric

  18. Cute and quick! We're getting snow now - keep sending it over! I want a white Christmas.


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