Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got it!

 OK, I just realized that I published my La Sewista post on Go Chanel or Go Home. That's OK, I was going to post on GCorGH anyway, just shorter. So I did a little cut and paste here. If you haven't checked out the GCorGH blog, its great fun.
My fabric arrived from Banksville. It was in a box in a plastic bag in a raging blizzard on my back porch. Since my ride home was one of the worst of my adult life it was a great treat to come home to find my fabric surprise. Did I start ripping the box open?  NOOOO, first pour a litttle pinot grigio, (that drive was unnerving), prop myself up in a quiet room on a fluffy pillow and start to pick apart the tape. Yippee! Caroline and Lindsay have had some great posts and commentary on buying on line lately. I seldom do it. But I think I will again with this particular vendor, Banksville. It seems we each have our vendor we feel comfortable with and buy from them. It feels risky handing over the plastic and crossing the fingers. Swatching is the way to go IMO. So without further ado here it is:

I had a horrendous time getting the lighting and therefore color right. DD, an amateur photog, told me to take the picture in morning light outside. So, I draped the fabric on the back porch and clicked away. Oh, did I tell you it was 8º below? See, Dawn, your not the only nutty, brave stitcher out there!

The silk lining is a gorgeous taupe with a definite pink cast and the combo looks very rich. The boucle is pink, a pretty brown, taupe, and off white. Some of the threads glisten which I like and you can see that here:

     I have decided that what I would really like is an edge to edge no collar jacket, the classic. Vogue 8259 is quite structured, IMO, and I think the collar gives it a more formal look that will not give me as many opportunities for wear. I still think I will make 8259, but maybe not in this fabric. So still thinking about it all....Bunny


  1. Oh Bunny, your fabric is to die for! Both pieces. When I saw them, I let out an audible sigh. lol


  2. Those fabrics are stunning!!! Funny, I was just having a conversation with DH about going to Moods today... with Chanel in mind- for me, of course ;)
    I think you're right about making it collarless, DD is wearing hers almost every other day, from jeans to skirts. I'll chalk that up as time well spent :))

  3. Absolutely fabulous. You did good!

  4. Bunny, I love your fabric. Even though you saw swatches, I still think that you're very brave to order fabric on line. I live close enough to the fabric district in Philadelphia and the garment district in NY is just a bus trip away so I haven't been brave enough to order any fabrics as yet.

  5. Bunny, that is just beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see how it turns out and what trim you use. Can you the Vogue pattern and just leave the collar off? It certainly does look very formal the way it is made up but won't in your soft colours.

  6. After seeing Claire Kennedy's CJ, I am re thinking the collar once more. I have a long neck like she does and upturned pointed collars work well for me. So I may go that way. You have to check out Claire's CJ. It's gorgeous. Just click on the blog list back on the post.

  7. Very pretty. I really like that pink/purple thread running through it. I have to say I have had pretty good luck buying fabric online. Good thing since I do it so often. I keep my favorite fabric shops in business as well as UPS and USPS. LOL
    Can't wait to see your new jacket.

  8. Oh, be still my heart! Do not lust after another blogger's fabric!

  9. Beautiful! I'm glad you enjoy working with Banksville, they are excellent.

    Interesting about the long neck and that collar. I have a long neck, too, the only part of me that is long, I think!

  10. Yummalicious looking fabric, Bunny! I'd be scared to cut into it. :-0
    I can't wait to see you work your magic on this. It is awesome & I ♥ boucle...always so classy!


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