Ah, the Possibilities!

Tonight's post is about possibilities, creative possibilities. How do you explore creative possibilities? We all have collections, stashes, resource centers, call it what you want. I like to pull out all possible when I am thinking of the next creative bit of problem solving. Here you can see my pallette for an upcoming project (mum's the word for now). I may not use all of these items but I am throwing them all together in order to eventually pick out awesome textures and the right colors for my project. I will let this hang around a bit before I start culling. I may add more.
I love this color combination and it just screams spring to me. Sometimes it is just fun to work in certain colors, no matter what the project may be. For me, this is one of those projects.

After cleaning up all the fibers that didn't make the cut, I decided to play with other POSSIBILITIES. Next in the queue was a search for buttons for my Channel jacket. I pulled out some of Ima's antique buttons and auditioned quite a few. The first, I just loved, but won't be able to use them as I just don't have enough. Love these pink retros:

These are just so much cooler and prettier IRL, but sadly, just not enough for the jacket. 

These actually look quite nice with their facets and aged bronze look. They are much more faceted and sparkly than the photos shows. Alas, I have enough of these but they are a little larger than ideal. 

These work really well. They are the right size. What you can't see is that behind the metal filagree is a mirror effect, which once again, my camera fails to show. Right size and lots of them. 

I won't make up my mind on buttons until the very end of construction, but I will continue to look and experiment until the right one comes along. I rarely buy the buttons until the garment is complete and this probably won't be any different. 
But isn't it fun to play with possibilities? So, pull out your collections, spread them out, lay them on top, and watch them for a while to see what really works for you. It is just great fun.......Bunny


  1. Wow, what pretty colors and textures. Those blues & greens make me long for Spring, especially with all the snow we've gotten this weekend. I'm lovin' the buttons for your jacket, I can't wait to see what you've decided on and seeing the fabulous finished jacket.

  2. Love ALL the buttons! Especially the pink ones...too bad there aren't enough.

  3. Those buttons are fabulous! All. of. them!!!

  4. Your little mystery pile sure looks interesting. I also love the buttons. I have a bunch from my mom's stash, and just recently a lady from our church gave me some more. I don't have that many unusual ones, but the cheap prices on the button cards are relics themselves. I can't wait to see your projects finished.

  5. Great buttons.

    Sounds like you have a very interesting project coming up. How exciting.

    Thanks so much for all of the sweet words to my precious Emily. She always loves hearing from you.

  6. I think I would showcase the filagree buttons on something solid. While they closely match the fabric shown they blend right in. What about a solid that matches the center of the buttons? Try it out on a sample and show us how it works.

  7. Bunny, I love the blue and green fabrics and trims. All of the buttons are beautiful. Choosing the buttons is one of my favorite parts of designing a garment. Gita

  8. You and I work very much in the same manner. I usually go through lots of my stuff, pull it all out and make decisions as I go about what to and not to use.

  9. Looks like fun! I love the colors too and I can't wait to see what you create!

  10. Bunny, you do such lovely work and I certainly enjoy your posts and photos. I, too, look forward to see what you make with the blue/green assortment.
    BTW, did you go by the username "solosmocker" for Threads Gatherings a couple years ago?
    Karen in Houston

  11. Yes, I did, Karen. I still frequent "Gatherings" but haven't posted much of late.

  12. That green certianly is the new life green of spring!

    I work the same way - it is fun to go through all my collections pulling everything out and rediscovering old goodies and the carefully chosing the right things for a new project.

  13. Holy smokes....these are so great. I'm just glad I don't have to decide. The great thing about the buttons on the Chanel jacket is they are like jewelry....you really don't need anything except a pair of earrings (oh yes, and a strand of pearls), to look all dressed up.

    I think I like the last two choices....only cause they are more classic and will go into early spring and late fall, and even high holiday. I like to see pastel and gay colors during holiday, that won't work in the dead of January and February...anyway those bottom two selections are more neutral. Can't wait to see your progress. Oh yes, and I LOVE your green!!! You know me and green - isn't Valentines green?

  14. I just LOVE those greens and blues. Ah. Makes me happy. Can't wait to see what you create.

  15. Hi Bunny,
    I too am looking forward to your project using the blues and greens. They look delicious and I can't wait to see what you do with them. This is the first time I've commented on your blog. I look every day, but have not commented until now. So good of you to continue to share what you do. It is no small undertaking to keep at something like this. Congratulations.


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