The Raffle Bag

I've changed plans for my raffle bag. While I am still absolutely anxious to try that UHandbag pattern, I really think that since this bag will be raffled off over a period of a few weeks, it needs to stand out more. So, I have now decided and cut out McCall's 4400, View E, a larger bag with more presence.  It is the one on the bottom left with the red corner appliques.

I have made this bag several times.  Here is a pic of one I made back in 2007. In the header of the blog you will see a red wool plaid version of the same bag. There have been others. 

What I am planning now is a neutral home dec fabric with faux leather corners and handles. I cut it out tonight, so quick and simple.

In real life the leather isn't quite so dark looking. I may have made this bag about 5 times so far. After the second bag I decided to make a permanent pattern. I spread Elmer's or Sobo glue on some oak tag with some sort of card so I could get a thin thin layer of glue. The  tissue pattern pieces were placed on top and the bubbles rubbed out with the card. An old credit card is great for this. Let dry and cut out with the rotary cutter. Punch a hole in the top of each piece. Put a big kilt pin thru the hole of all the pieces. Now you can just hang up the pattern and you are good to go. I will fuse this with Decor Bond, probably two layers. I like my bucket bags to really hold their shape. Hopefully I will be able to whip this out fairly quickly.

Thanks, all, for all your wonderful comments on the Cranberry dress. It went over well with DD#1 and I know DD#2 will just love it. I would like to remark on Nancy K's comment which I so appreciate, as I do all of them. She mentioned how she visits other blogs with children's clothing but stays and reads on this one (or to that effect.) Thanks for the support, Nancy. I love doing my gourmet children's clothing but I try to add and/or explain techniques that could work just as wonderfully in adult clothing. And as most of you know I do  a fair amount of adult clothing, bags, and hats too. I just love to sew it all!

As soon as time allows I will put together some samples and pics of the corded buttonholes, so easy, and the hem treatment on the Cranberry Dress, also easy. Hasta luego........Bunny


  1. I really need to get over my fear of bags, and try one. Yours is going to be gorgeous, I love all those warm, brown tones!

  2. I LOVE making bags. You can do so much to a bag with different embellishments that can be really far out that you can't use on clothing, unless of course, it's a costume.

  3. Oh how lovely. Your embroidery on the 2007 looks perfect and gives such a nice finished touch

    I haven't done much of that type of embroidery since my children were small. Maybe I'll post some of those photos soon.

  4. I love the size of your bag. I've never really enjoyed making bags even though I've made a few.

  5. Love your bags and children's clothes.Ill be looking for this one finished.
    To make your patterns permanent you can also use fusible interfacing, just a thought..


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