Smocked Pockets for McCoya's Bishop

I have always wanted to try making smocked pockets. What I had in mind were little puffs of pockets with smocking at the top. McCoya's bishop just didn't feel finished to me so I decided to take a little longer with the finishing and fulfill my pocket fantasy. I knew exactly what I envisioned and just needed to make it work. Keep in mind this is a 6 mo to 1 yr little dress, so the pockets were strictly decorative and had to be in scale.  Directions? I was on my own here.

I started by cutting a strip of fabric 6 by 24 inches. I gathered the top with half rows. Once pleated I opened the strip flat and attached a pink bias binding to the top. This same binding is on the sleeves and neckline, so a little continuity here. Once the binding was on I pleated the top with just 3 rows of cable stitch, totally plain. In the middle of the pocket I then embroidered a little french knot bouquet, the same that is on the bodice. After some measuring and ironing, I decided the pockets needed to be 2 1/2 inches wide. I wasn't sure about length yet. I did a tiny zigzag from the top edge to the bottom at the point where I wanted the pocket to be cut. This was my 2 1/2 inch width plus 2 1/4 inch seam allowances on each side. I then trimmed off the pocket back to the zigzagging. Next I folded my pockets in half right sides together and by eye only, cut them into a boat shape. I made sure they matched in their cut and size.  Then I ran a basting stitch all around the pocket from the left, across the bottom, and up to the top right of the pocket. I then pulled up the gathering and miracle of miracles, they puffed just like I wanted.
These are still rough, but you get the idea. They will be stitched to the dress and I think they are pretty doggone cute. I hope to complete this tomorrow and then complete my CJ muslin jacket. 

That jacket has been christened  the Oatmeal jacket, so blah, with its beige and off white hounds tooth check, boring but very nice fabric. Twice this week I went to  JAs just to get the juices going on how to spiff this thing up. I saw opportunities to be funky with turquise sheer trim, tailored with white and brown grosgrain, ladylike with brown organdy ribbon, etc, etc, etc. After sleeping on it last night I think I am going to trim just the pockets and sleeve edge. I will do a Hong Kong seam treatment and will bind the edges and turn them in to the inside, all a nice , but quick unlined jacket. I have decided a 3/4 sleeve for this with no vent. This baby just has to get done so I can move on. I'm thinking I can finish the bishop tomorrow and the jacket this upcoming weekend I hope. Then it is on the spring things and my CJ...........Bunny


  1. Ohhh my, those little pockets look like sweet confections. Can't wait to see them on the dress.

  2. Just darling! I can't wait to see the finished product. You are always so creative.

  3. What perfect puffed pockets!! :D
    They are going to look so cute & I appreciate you explaining how you did them. Now if I can only remember it for next time.

    You asked what I was smocking at the moment, Bunny. I've just finished the bodice on a white silky/satin dress for Caroline for Easter. Partial construction halted with E's ♥ attack but I'm getting back to it this week.

    It is the "Angel" pattern from the prior issue of AS&E, #89 I think. It will look very much like the one on the front of the new issue, #90, that just arrived with Caroline's picture in it.
    Thanks for your sweet comments about her Coco dress. My fingers still ache when I think about working on that one....ouch!


  4. You are right--those are absolutely doggone cute pockets!

    The varification word is "bloget". I love that. I will use it instead of blogger!

  5. The pockets are adorable. Besides, she's got to have some place to carry the credit card and keys, right?

  6. Love the smocked pockets, Bunny! I posted your blog on my blog, so hopefully you will get some traffic checking out your beautiful smocked bishop!


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