Friday's Sewing Adventure

Is this not the greatest tapestry ever for a bag? Animal prints are the bling of the fabric world and every girl has to have at least a little in her wardrobe. I have been eyeing this "tiger" tapestry at JA's for some time now and the perfect coupon came along in the latest flyer. My plan is a bag with some faux leather or patent leather, not sure which yet, but no rush. This would be for next winter's wardrobe.
But for now I picked up this linen rayon print, mostly linen. I NEED COLOR and this will help the situation. If I get a good look on the grey linen/rayon number I am working on I think I will cut the same in this green print:
Enough of the things dreams are made of.....

My pin woven bag has made major headway. The bag only awaits the handles and lining.
The tab is all lined and the magnetic closure inserted so that is good to go. Then it was on to attaching the bottom of the bag to the sides. The polka dot fabric is "hard", a canvasy type number I got at the Fix in Manchester, NH. It is great for a bag but certainly not that easy to sew. Ease in a curve? No way. So inserting the bottom was quite challenging. The bag is very awkward and bulky to sew due to all the interfacing I use, but all that interfacing pays off in the end. Here you can see how the bag literally stands at attention as I am trying to insert the bottom.
So, with a lot of futzing, pressing, and basting, and then more futzing, I got it in. I have made this pattern I think 3-4 other times, but always in a felted wool. It went together like a dream. But getting this hard canvas board side to fit a curved bottom was not an easy effort. In the end I did the tight curves by backstitching by hand with heavy thread. I pulled and it is strong and doesn't split open. Back stitching is a wonderful stitch to use for occasions like this when you want strength but the look of a machine stitch.

Handles are made so they need to be installed as well as the lining and we are done! Maybe tonight!

This week at work they raffled off one of my handbags for funds for our activity department. It went over really well and soooooo many want me to make them bags, price no issue. I am really thinking about it....


  1. Ooooo, Bunny, I the animal tapestry!! I know you'll work some magic with that one. The green print is pretty, too. I like how it drapes.

    I give you lots of credit for tackling the complex issues of this current bag. It is going to be an incredible piece of wearable art when completed.

    It amazes me how you manage & REMEMBER to take photos as you sew. I would be afraid to let go!

  2. I love the animal print
    I can't wait to see the finished bag


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