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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Next in the Queue

I recently showed you all my jelly cupboard and in particular the bottom shelf, my sewing queue. I have been smocking away on the insert for the little blue dress and just finished the colorful top. It's time to move on. Out of the bottom shelf came this really lovely  linen, an Ima legacy, once again. It is  unique and  appropriate to the heirloom sewing she loved to do.  I am blessed with  over 4 yards of it.
I needed to put a pattern weight, a stone from the beach in Maine,  in the pic as well as lower the light so you could see the detail. White is such a bear to photograph. The fabric is stripes of linen with bridging and some sort of alternating machine fil tire stripe down the middle, very "heirloom".

It is the fabric for my next machine project, Simplicity 4047. Every summer, for a long, long time, I have made a very summery white dress or blouse, sometimes dressy, sometimes not, but light and airy. I don't know why. It just seems to happen every year. Last years white effort was the smocked linen blouse, aka, Great White Shirt. This year I am going with a retro blouse design that is really quite simple. It will be done up a little differently, at least as far as the construction is concerned. Lately I have an aversion to facings, so I have decided to line the blouse and will try the Kahlje edge technique for the installation of the lining. There will be an invisible zipper under the arm in the side seam as the pattern specifies. I have already cut out the lining. This weekend is work free, so after gardening is dealt with, it will be Retro White Blouse time........Bunny


  1. This will be fun to follow along with. Your last year's shirt was gorgeous.

  2. The linen is just beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing the completed project.


  3. I'm looking forward to your next project.
    I'm so excited. 'Till next time!

  4. What gorgeous fabric! Of course, you'll make a beautiful thing with it, as always. I'll be interested in seeing your sewing.

  5. I absolutely adore summer white dress, blouse, shirt, whatever. White just makes you feel so light and cool. Love the fabric, can't wait to see how this turns out.


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