Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Howoooooo! The Wolf Jammies

These were a lot of work for a pair of jammies but I know Jack will get much wear out of them. A few details:

     *   The pattern is Simplicity 2771, a classic uni-sex design that comes with sizes from size four child to size extra large adult. I call that a good value at the sale price of 99 cents! This is the size small, 6-8. which I lengthened one inch on the top and 3 inches for the legs to accommodate my tall, lanky young man.

     *   The fabric is 100% cotton flannel purchased on our local Native American reservation. It is a great place to find fabrics depicting animals and nature and the quality there is always very good. 

     *  I made some changes. Most seams, once again, were stitched, serged, and double topstitched in a "mock" flat fell seam. This pattern specifies piping and I used a dark grey poly for that, making my own. I did the facing band a little differently as well. In this pic you can see the collar band, shoulder seam and armscye.
 I decided to topstitch all the piping to give it a little more masculine finished effect.   

  *   Issues: The only issue I had with this pattern and it is probably my own aging mind, is getting my head wrapped around the facing/ collar band attachment. They are the same piece. One is attached to the piped bodice to make the public band. The shape of this piece really makes you think on what side goes where. Eventually I got it figured out, realized it wasn't that difficult, and I was just tired. Just pay close attention to the pattern picture for help. Attaching the facing to the bodice once the band was attached was simple. I decided to just serge the edges. When I topstitched the piping it secured the band as you can see above.

I am really happier with the finished product than I expected to be. I attribute this all to the fine quality flannel which was a pleasure to sew and makes a beautiful finished pajama. Are those wolves staring you down or what? I recommend the pattern with the advice to just pay close attention to attaching the outer collar band Now it is time to make jammies for the other three but they will be here in October and will go to pick out the fabric with Grandma Bunbun.....Bunny


  1. They are very nice. I'm sure he will enjoy them very much.

    I wanted to let you know that Emily is 10 now. Can you believe it? She was 8 when she first started her blog. She's recently made herself some pajamas and is working on a pillowcase.


  2. I love them, and am howling back, cuz they look so warm, fuzzy, and snuggly! Really cute. Looks like there will be a "pajama sewing day" in the near future for me...

  3. It's interesting that you say the flannel you used was a pleasure to sew with .... it just makes every sewing project more successful if the fabric is of good quality. The flannelette we have in shops here isn't very good at all - I wouldn't even bother to think about making jammies with it - next time I'm near an Indian Reservation I'll seek some out!!

  4. Grandma Bun Bun ... I am on my way over for my jammies. Great looking pair of jammies.

  5. Bunny - both sets of jammies are just awesome and I'm sure your grandchildren will love them!

  6. Sigh! Reading your blog makes me realize that I absolutely have to make pj's for my lovely granddaughter.

  7. What handsome wolves! And very handsome PJs

  8. Those are great - the grey piping is just the right touch.

  9. The PJs are great and I really love the piping.

  10. Fabulous!
    (did I ever mention wolfs as being my favorite wild animal?)

  11. I just went back to this blog for reference as I am sewing pj's for a great-nephew, aged 3. And very active, thus I was interested in your finishing details to help hold the pj's together. Tonight I finally saw the wonderful print matching you did, even between the collar and the facing which no one will probably see. Makes it extra special, because it's done to meet the sewer's vision--no one else's. What great attention to detail. I have not yet achieved the patience necessary for that, but aspire to it. I bought a cotton in a skunk print which I love, an all-over print like your wolf print. The skunks are in details and cute in their tail-raised furriness. I'm looking forward to making boxer shorts for the men in my family for Christmas.


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