Krazy for Koos!

I have loved Koos Van Den Akker for a long time. He has inspired me more than once to make a collaged garment or bag. Koos is all about the fabric which he puts together with great abandon and then ties together esthetically with strips of binding or ribbons. I have never felt the need to buy one of his patterns because I just did my own collage thing with a pattern that I already knew worked for me. That has all changed since I saw and purchased his latest two Vogue Patterns and also saw one of them made up by Shams. If you haven't seen this amazing coat, check it our here. She did her own interpretation and it is fabulous.

I purchased these two yesterday at the Joann's sale on Vogues and opened and read them the minute I got home. Just too cool.
Here is the one Sham's did first:
The buttonholes on this are faced, turned squares that are then pleated, really cool. While these dragon back scallops add bulk, I love how Shams stitched them down. What fun to combine the fabrics. And speaking of fabrics, this coat takes a total of 9.825 yards of fabric, NOT including the lining. I have visions of stalking thrift stores for some of the pieces.

This is my favorite however:

I absolutely love this design, especially the back. I like how he has the binding hanging off the collar and wiggling down the coat back and front. One thing I don't like about this pattern is that the line art does not match the design as shown. I think once you see the line art on this you will now why it is just so awesome.
Do you see that big circular applique with the ribbon trailing thru? I know this is pretty different but I would definitely wear this and get use out of it. I would love to add this to the queue and spend time searching out all of the different elements.

Now I am not crazy about everything Koos does and think this design is just horrendous. I don't know anyone that this could look good on. What was he thinking? Here you can see a lot of images of his clothing. His sense of abandon seems forefront in so many of his designs and it is all so about the fabric. I like that.


The CJ is on its final hours of stitching. What's left is to set in the sleeves, finish the handworked BHs on the cuffs, put on the pockets, and last but not least, stitch on the chain. I am going to save that as my final act. I really want to make another one of these soon and am already searching out fabric....Bunny


  1. That first coat is fabulous. It caught my eye in the new Vogue patterns. Lets face it, it Sydney it might be worn one day of the year.

  2. In a way I think the last design is not extreme enough! I can see it with more bag and geometry around the hips, in dark fabric with a masculine turn on Yoko Ono running for the subway. As it is, you are right, but I love that blue. I teach landscape architecture and I always get very protective of the students' failures - somehow they are linked to the successes. As Gail above says, the coats are probably rarely for Australia and neither are the carrots which was a fascinating post too!

  3. I really appreciate your link to the collection of Koos photos... The left-most dress in the second row of photos, page 1 has my mind buzzing. I love the combinations of fabrics, and that bias-cut plaid is so feminine looking! Thank you- made my day, and I look forward to seeing what you'll do with those patterns. I've loved your Chanel journey, also - so much to learn.

  4. The second coat is wonderful. Something that I could definitely see on me and that I would wear. Don't you think we sewing brats would have enough stash to come up with the ingredients?

  5. Bunny - I love the artistry of his garments. How he takes a shape and fabric and makes magic with it. Did you know there is a book about his work? It's called Koos Couture Collage Inspiration & Technique by Linda Chang Teufel. It's a wonderful book full of beautiful pictures of his work but then again if you are a fan you probably already know about it! It's in my sewing library and its a wonderful inspirational book!

    Can't wait to see what you come up for your Koos coat and I'm anticipating the reveal of the "Chanel" jacket!

  6. His designs are full of little ideas you can take away to use to make your own design's special.

    Tapping fingers and waiting for you to model the jacket.


  7. These coats caught my eye, too. I love to look at these creations, and I used to get the itch to try my hand at them. However, I came to the realization, that no matter how much I loved the designs, they just did not work on me. I will continue to admire from afar - I will spend my time sewing things that will actually suit me.

  8. I adore Koos as well. I have a piece of fabric, signed no less, but have treasured it for so long, not sure how to make it up....but love what he does with "implants"!!!! He's such an artist

  9. Thanks for the call out on my blog, Bunny! I had SO much fun making that Koos coat! I can see making it again, out of six fabrics as originally intended, but, like you, I need to collect them over time. :)

    I do think that second coat is fabulous, but I'm not sure if it would be as flattering on my body. I could not *possibly* wear that third design! Not sure who could, except someone very tall and very thin. And, even then, there are cuter clothes.

  10. The chanel jacket is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished. Re Koos: thanks for the links. The second coat got me thinking...


  11. I'm not a fan of the designs but I like the fabric combos. They remind me of Desigual, which I like a lot.

  12. I think Koos does hideous work. Decidedly ugly.


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