A Meme with no Meme

Some time back two of my loyal readers, Kristine and  Jana , passed along a meme and a reward to me along the lines of "a wonderful blog". I apologize for not responding sooner or at all which was very rude of me. It was at the opening bell of Bun & Ern's Bed & Breakfast, also a family crisis ensued (now water under the bridge), and life goes on. I thank all of my followers for their recognition and loyalty. I appreciate each and every one of you. Now to the fun part: ten things I bet you didn't know about me.

#1  For several years, some time back, I was a gym rat as well as a runner. I did it on the verge of compulsion. Yes, it was compulsion. I lost my periods for over two years as there was just no body fat left. Did I look good? Not so sure. One day I looked in the mirror and I had huge muscles from my neck to my shoulders, a la weight lifter, and thought I looked disgusting, very masculine. On that day I quit the weight lifting and cut back on the running and got back to a more feminine look. I still try to exercise as much as I can today but no more compulsion.

#2 I have six brothers and one sister.

#3 Minus one year (which I detested) I attended all girl convent schools from first to twelfth grade. For me it was something I totally enjoyed and would do again in a heartbeat. The convent was my refuge from the six brothers, all very close in age. It gave me sanity.

#4 I absolutely love to cook, with an emphasis on baking. DH says I am pretty good at it. I will try most anything, and have had my share of failures. All in all he likes most of my creations.

#5 Years back in Massachusetts, my next door neighbor and close friend was a bookie. She is truly one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. At the foot of her bed was a safe and a LARGE statue of the Blessed Mother on top. At times I would walk in and she would be finishing up her rosary on her knees at the end of her bed. I never knew if she was praying to the Madonna or the safe, LOL! She truly was one of the kindest, dearest people I have ever met. And I could play the numbers with her!

#6 I worked in the only television station on Cape Cod, none now, when Ted's car went off the bridge in Chappaquidick. I had a front row seat on history and had in my hands the first news film of the story. I saw all the key players, including Teddy. I will never forget it.

#7 My official job at the television station was assistant to the art director. Talk about fun! I made props, colored photos off the teletype, did a lot of production for commercials, worked a hot press and all sorts of creative "stuff". I did it for three years while in H.S. and college.

#8 My dad was an engineer and my mom was an opera singer, contralto. She also did commercials and had a syndicated radio program on opera.

#9 I am killer proud of our children. They really never gave us any grief and have turned into very happy, healthy, productive adults. The oldest is vice president of human resources for one of the biggest companies in the country and the proud mother of twins and an 8 yr old and wife of a great husband. My youngest is a practicing dentist with a great practice and the mom of an almost 9 yr redheaded delightful son and a 5 year old spitfire of a daughter. Her terrific hubby is an orthodontist. Most of all, they are just good, kind, generous people.

#10 At one time I did a lot of oil painting. I also had moments of jewelry making, caligraphy, and silk screening that I enjoyed as well. I went thru a "fimo" phase too.  There was a period of about ten years when I was seriously into quilting, even competively. Now I feel like it is done and I don't want to go back. Thru all my "hobbies" I always sewed clothing and it was always my first love.

I hope you enjoyed this trip into my "ten things."

The CJ continues. I am working on the sleeves now and still stitching on trim. I am up to about 70 hours. Every day when I go down to the sewing room I mark down the amount of hours from the day before. Dang, I sew a lot!...Bunny


  1. I truly enjoyed reading your 10 items...what a fascinating life you have led thus far!

  2. Sweet! It's wonderful to learn a little about our blogging friends! Thanks for that, Bunny!

  3. Bunny, thank you for sharing. It's great fun and in an odd way, comforting, to hear of others' everyday lives.

  4. That was fascinating, thank you for sharing! I didn't realize that we both came from big families!

  5. You've had a varied and exciting life. Thank you for sharing your ten things!

  6. Interesting life. You have lived fully!

  7. Bunny,
    Thanks so much for sharing! It's so fascinating to learn about those whose readings we follow. You are so proud of your children, aren't they a joy?

  8. I'm glad you got the award I passed along, I was worried that it didn't go through lol! My blog is at 98redballoons.blogspot.com, by the way :)

  9. Whoa - true confessions!!! Loved all the info...amazing how much we have in common (went to a girls' school and LOVED it, and think all girls should do this). Six brothers?....and you survived? Congratulations!!!

  10. How cool to learn some extra things about your history, Bunnie! I knew about the all girls school & being from a big family...me, too!...I did NOT know about your other jobs or your Mom's singing!

    BTW, what is "fimo" phase"???
    Please answer here on this thread & I will click the spot to get email notifications...that way, all those to follow will know the answer too. LOL

  11. Thanks for sharing! What a great life you've been living. Lot's of life.


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