It's a Wadder, with a capital "W"

Sometimes you just have to know when to fold 'em. That was the case with the Plaid and Patent bag. If you have been following this blog for any length of time you will know that this is probably the first or second wadder that you have seen. I am just a person who sees things through no matter what. But when my machine started acting put upon, it was time to call it a day.

Here's the deal. My triple stitch topstitiching just balked at going through so many layers. Next thing I knew I could not stitch out the stitch in the stitch length I needed. Of course that happened half way through, not at the beginning. ( sigh )  I clearly upset my machine, first time in its ownership that I screwed up a computerized stitch. Slap my hand. So tonight, rather than possibly ruin my machine, I declared it wadder time.

But there is  a silver lining. I am already having ideas for cutting up the bag and using it in a collage bag. And I do want to make this bag still with the Pendleton wools. I have some really nice suede that I think can work. I think first I will go to a different style of bag and then go back to the Patent and Plaid as a component for something else. I mean, the holidays are upon us and I just can't have my machine get balky at this time. In the meantime I do have a bit of a lesson that did turn out well that I can share with you.
This is a Fasturn Tube set. There are some imitators out there but I like that this set has all the different sizes in it. If you don't have one, you may want to consider talking to Santa about this. I got this when it first came out from the original manufacturer who would run a tiny ad in Threads. I have used it so many times since. It has really earned its place in my sewing cabinet.
This bag has a strap topstitched to the front of the bag. It is attached in the form of a "U" upside down, with the curve of the "U" being the handle and the long sides being the part topstitched to the bag. This meant that only about half of the strap had a back side, the handle part. You attached another strip of patent leather to the center of the strip to make the handle. This then has to be turned and then topstitched to the bag and not to the bag in the handle part. Here is the issue. If you ever need to turn any kind of faux leather, vinyl, or other sticky textile, it sticks to itself. It is miserable and  nearly impossible to turn.
Sewer's Aid to the rescue. A teeny dot of this rubbed on the Fasturn tube, and the faux fabric are all that is needed. Without it you will be cursing in no time flat.

 So the patent leather, faux that it is, and the tube were rubbed with Sewer's Aid. The tube is then inserted, easily, into the center section of the strap that needs to be turned. Once the tube is in a wire, one made specifically to fit this size tube is inserted in the tube. It has a curly cue on the end, what looks like a pigtail. The pigtail is then twisted into the end of the strap. Then you begin pulling the strap thru the tube. You can see that above. It  will all come thru the tube and turn soooooo easily that you will thank your lucky stars that you have ownership of this toy. It saves a lot of cursing, believe me.

This is my trusty kitchen frosting spatula. It very often turns out to be the perfect size to behave as a pressing tool. Here you see it pushed in the turned center section of the strap for ironing, perfect fit. I then used some organza all doubled over, some steam, and my heavy glass weight to coax it into holding its shape. These fauxs don't like irons and they spring back from any pressed shape if extra care isn't taken. Putting that heavy glass weight on it while still warm really helps.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be back to bagapalooza. I will need a trip to JAs for some heavy duty metal zips before I start though. I will make this work, I will make this work, I willl...........

This morning, while enjoying my morning cup of tea, I was blessed with this beautiful sunrise. How can you have a bad day when it starts like this???.................Bunny


  1. Bummer about the bag. I hate it when my machine throws a tantrum. In tonight's case, it was the Evolve, which did not want to do the coverstitch I requested. The Fasturn tool is great, isn't it! I've also had mine for years and it's fabulous.

  2. Yes, I have the Fasturn tool too. It's fantastic.
    Such a pity about your bag.

  3. That's too bad - that would have been a cute bag. You do seem to have some creative ways to reincarnate it, so that should be fun to watch!

    I have a complete set of those fast-turn tubes. I got them for maybe $2.00 at a quilt guild sale, but I've never used them. I know I'll need them next year with some things I'm planning to make, so thank you very much for the tip!

  4. Sorry about the wadder but your other bags are beautiful. Your positive attitude is inspiring. I am sitting at my window watching the sun rise and it is still another grey day.

  5. Bunny, I sure hope your machine was only having a temporary fit! Good idea to *bag the bag*...LOL.... for more important sewing projects. I would hate to have my machine in the shop at this time of year.

    I think I need to get some of this sewers aid. My tube turners have always worked great but then I've never tried them on leather type materials. Good tutorial! Thanks!

  6. Well, pooh! Don't we all hate wasting time on projects that go south?

  7. Well as w say in Jamaica "every spoil is a style". Glad you'll be able to salvage parts of the bag. I have the Fasturn. When I bought it (probably from that same small ad in Threads) I thought then it was pricey. But I had forty spaghetti strapped dresses to make and the rest is history. Definitely, worth it's weight (and mine) in gold.


  8. I have this set of Fastern Tubes and I love 'em! They have solved so many problems in my studio and are so worth the $$ - they're not really that expensive. It's great that you featured them to remind everyone how valuable they are.

  9. That's too bad about the bag...
    You got me inrigued with the turning tubes; I've never seen anything like those tubes around here...

  10. I have that same Fasturn set, purchased in the 1980's. A friend laughed at me when I bought it, but I use it "all the time".


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