Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Plaid & Patent" begins, Noriko ends

This Noriko bag from Lazy Girl designs was a joy to make. It is only four pieces. You cut four of the shell and four of the lining. Stitch, press, leave a hole to turn, put on the beads and button, turn and done! I made the whole thing in one day minus cutting, but cutting only took minutes the night before. This is truly a quick gift and I think cute as can be.

Here you can see the unique shape of the bag.  This is a small bag appx 9 inches tall. I downloaded the pattern but added  1/2 inch around the entire shape. The pattern also recommends 1/4 inch seams. If you are using dupioni, go bigger. The pattern also does not call for interfacing but I fused fusible fleece to the back of the shell pieces. Another small change was hand picking the top. So between using dupioni, and not topstitching thru the handles as instructed, this will be a "fancy" bag only. My next efforts will be a little more durably made. I think this would be darling in one of the Pendleton wools with some wooden beads and that  may jump up in the queue. If you have a day to make a gift, this will do it.

I have started working on the "Plaid and Patent" bag. First effort was to experiment with topstitching the patent leather. I expected a nightmare but it went beautifully. You can see my final decision here in the lower row of stitching. I thought for sure there would be some tension issues but the last row lay really smooth after adjustment. Maybe you can read my shorthand but if not, the thread was Coats XP Heavy Duty, on the beige spools. The stitch on my old Pfaff was 04, a triple stitch, each thread being restitched a couple more times before jumping to the next stitch. Stitch length was 4.0. Tension was on the dot, normal. The foot was Pfaff OA. The needle, very important, was a 12/80 Metafil needle. It has a very big eye to accommodate this heavy thread. Now that this is worked out I am on to construction. I have decided to interface the shell with hair canvas as directed. Ima gave mr tons and tons. But I will also interface the lining, maybe with Decor Bond. We shall see.

Sophie and I passed yesterday afternoon making clothespin dolls together. I told her I would show her dollies on the blog. We have Rapunzel, Papa Ernie (grand dad), and more. We had a ball and she was so intense while making these I just know she has the makings of a super sewist. Hope you all had as wonderful a holiday.....Bunny

Oooooo, if you have trouble downloading the Noriko bag, try this or this. On the second link just scroll down to the free download link. I just love this bag.


  1. Beautiful bag Bunny! Thank you for posting the addy for the pattern. Its looks like something right up my alley.

  2. The dollies are adorable! Thank-you for the link to the Noriko bag. I downloaded it from the first time you mentioned it. Will definitely be used for presents. Yours turned out magnificently!

  3. I was able to find it online, Bunny & have printed it out for future reference. I think it would be gorgeous in some Oriental silks that I've got stashed away. Would need some stabilizer, for sure, with those.
    Thanks for the tip about enlarging it a wee bit, too.

    Caroline spent Sat. here, helping to make two little quilts for her elves...Christopher & Christine Pop- in-Kins.
    Cute book for your kidlets:


  4. Oh gosh, I love the bag. Gorgeous, and yes, I can see it in wool with wooden beads, great idea!

    The wooden dollies are adorable and now I'm reeeeally wishing for a granddaughter, jeez. I want to do this with someone.

  5. Love, love, love Sophie's dolls. They are just precious. She has a real flair!

  6. Your Noriko is beautiful! I'm glad to be reminded of that bag. I started, a long time ago, to bead that bag. I had 3 pieces beaded and put it away. Must find it and finish it. Love your clothespin dolls!

  7. Your bag is delicious!!! I mean really sophisticated and looks anything but homemade...looks very couture!

    And I forgot all about clothespin dolls - aren't they a blast. What cute dolls they turned out to be!

  8. I'm in awe with this bag! It's so beautiful!!

    Great job with the little dolls too!


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