Making a Key Keeper for Your Bag

It drives me nuts when I have to dig for my keys so I make one of these key keepers for nearly every bag I make. Here we go!
Cut a strip of fabric 1 3/4 inches wide and at least 15 inches long if not more. You can trim it later to be appropriate for your specific bag.
Press the strip in half. Press again folding the edges toward the center fold.
Put your edge stitching foot on. Stitch the edge on each side. I used 4 clicks from center.
Trim the ends. Run the strip thru the key holder. I've been known to run it through the wrong loop and make the entire strip. Don't do that dumb thing I did. You will only do it once. Don't try to sew the strip together the short way. It will NEVER line up. Instead, drop your stitch length to 1.5 and sew for a half inch on the length right down the center of the strip.
Trim the cut end of the strip into the shape of an arrow by angling the scissors on each side. If you leave the strip with a blunt end you will get all sorts of pokies and lumps when it comes to wrap time.

Give the cut "arrow" some fray bloc. Thread a full strand of embroidery floss about 30 inches long into a heavy, large eyed needle. I use a tapestry needle. Knot the end and trim. Put your needle between the two layers and pull to hide the knot between.

 Your needle should come out about a 1/4 inch below the cut point of the strap.Start wrapping the floss around the strap . Wrap going toward the point end. Don't pull tight as that will show a difference once you hit the doubled part of the strap. Once you get to the end with the point, start wrapping the other way back. Keep your strands nice and flat and consecutive. If it looks lumpy or uneven, try again. Wrap for about half inch or until there is about 6 inches of floss left. Run your needle into the strap and come out 1/8 inch up in the wrapped thread.

Weave the needle in and out ending as shown.

Insert the needle going back the other way, between the two straps to secure. Cut the floss  where you come out.  Wet the whole wrap with Fray Bloc.
 You are done! Now just pin the strap in between the lining side seams up near the top and you are good to go! You want your strap to sort of have the key holder sitting on the bottom of the bag. If its too long it will knot and mess up.  Now, when you use your new bag, just reach in on the side seam, grab the strap and pull out for your keys! ....Bunny


  1. This is the most genius idea! I'm making a simple bag for the MiL's Xmas present this year and I'll be adding one of these - thanks!

  2. Thankyou for posting this , I really need to make lots of these.

  3. Perfect!!!! from now on my bags will have key holders!!!!

  4. You can get the key holders from Joanns and I am sure the other chains like Hancocks and maybe even Michaels.

  5. What a lovely method of finishing off the raw edge. Looks much easier than using another scrap of fabric, like I do.

  6. Thank you! This is a great idea. Daily I go through the "digging" ritual.

  7. Just wanted to say thank you for a comment you wrote about religious freedom on another blog. I thought you said it very well. There were a couple of different ideas mixed together in the blog post and various comments, but I was glad to read a position emphasizing peaceful tolerance and respect for all faiths.

  8. I love how meticulous you are abt your bags! I also finished a bag recently, no "gadgets" yet, can't wait to start making more functional bags! Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. So many great tips come from you, Bunny! I would have tried to sew straight across the tip, for sure & been frustrated that it scooched. (is that a sewing term? LOL)
    Thanks for teaching us the right way.

  10. Great tutorial - I love these little helpers. Where did you purchase the nicer than most key holder?


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