Bags Done!

Well, the first, Vogue8609,  is nearly done!
First, I ran out of the red topstitching thread, right near the final stitching, of course. On the other side of the bag the topstitching is incomplete. I am not happy with the final TSing. Initially it went beautifully. Have you ever made a beautiful garment and then mucked it up with a nasty buttonhole at the end? That is sort of what is happening with the final topstitching on the top edge of the bag. So out it will come and be redone.
The lining is a basic quilter's cotton. It seemed more appropriate to me with the wool, rather than something silky. I don't even read the pattern directions any more for the pockets. For every bag I make the same two section pocket with darts to give it some space. A narrow pencil pocket and the key keeper finish up the lining. The interfacing is all Peltex on this one. It gives it sort of a suitcase feel, not sure how I feel about that.It looks like some fabric is tucked up in the bottom  but it does really sit straight with a little bother.
Now for the bag I really like. This is a silk and faux leather bag with a cotton lining. It is Vogue  8661.  This pattern has some issues. Both of these bags are beautifully drafted and the oval bottoms fit perfectly ito the bag top, so no issues there. Here is the first of two problems. The notions requirements list 3 zippers being needed in 3 different sizes. The layout shows one side pocket, cut in one layer. So you have ONE specific size zipper required for the side pocket and the pattern piece also says "cut 1" side pocket.  Then when you see the directions on page three, number 15 and 16, it shows two side pockets with two side zipper openings. I just did one. Here is the zipper pocket on the front of the bag pulled open.

My next complaint is that if you look at the photos on the front of the pattern envelope or the technical drawings on the back of the envelope and in the directions as well, you cannot see that this is the type of closure this bag has. I have seen this closure before but here it is not particularly well executed in design. It's not that anything is particularly wrong. It's just that when it is all zipped up it hangs differently and has more of a slouchy look. So there needs to be a better description of what you are buying when you are considering this pattern. There is no mention of this cloosure design in the description either. I just think we should know what we are getting.
Once again the lining is a quilting cotton and the pocket configuration is the same as the plaid bag. I did edge the pockets with a strip of the silk houndstooth.
  To make the straps on this bag I took a simple approach. I cut the two straps on the fold so there was no center seam in the middle of the strap as directed by the pattern instructions. Why did the pattern do this?  Then I put them wrong sides together and cut the with my rotary cutter to get a sharp matching edge. I then edge stitched them twice to hold them together.
 Now, for my next act, it will be time to make the dolly clothes. Nothing too exciting with that but Santa will bringing an American Girl doll to Sophie if she is a good little girl and she will need clothes. The request is for clothes that match what I have already made for Sophie! Should be fun and I think pretty quick too. Felted wool with no edge finishing sound good??......Bunny


  1. Very nice Bunny. I absolutely love your fabric choices for the silk/faux leather bag!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the American Girl doll clothes. What a beautifully dressed doll she will be.

  3. Love,love,love those bags. The plaid is such a great idea and I have a lot of vintage wool plaid pieces that are too small to make clothes out of any more. Maybe a bag is in my future.

    Have fun with AG clothes, I've done plenty of them. They're quick and easy!

  4. Those bags are absolutely gorgeous!!! Those ladies are very lucky to on your "nice" list!!!

  5. Love them both, especially the second one. It's funny how odd the instructions can be. It seems the pattern companies would give the pattern to a semi skilled sewer to see if she can follow the directions and have it come out right. I like your little bunny label.

  6. Love those bags, I am always mad for plaid. and I had to laugh about your comment on a messy buttonhole at the end of a well-executed project - certainly has happened to me :)

  7. Beautiful bags. I love the plaids. Very nice looking.

  8. Both bags are beautiful. I especially like the silk/faux leather one. Pattern companys often make simple tasks complicated!

  9. Your bags are always such a treat to see. Lucky gift recipients! And thanks so much for the pattern-improvement tips and the key keeper instructions. I'm trying to work up nerve to work with some faux leather.

  10. look at that bunny! That really is a little bit of nice!

  11. Bunny,
    Love these bags!!! Thinking of all the Pendleton shirts of Dave's that sadly have a few moth they can have a new life!!
    Merry Christmas,

  12. Oh my, those are gorgeous bags! You are really a very skillful sewer. And I love your cute little bunny logo.

  13. What great combos you have here, and if you end up in an alley knocked out without that faux leather thingies - IT WASN'T ME!!!!! Ha! Love that leather technique and love the red lining! Thanks for all the great combo ideas.


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