Monday, December 6, 2010

No Leopard, I Am Going Silk!

Tonight I will put the finishing touches on the plaid bag. Coming in right behind it fast and furiously is what was going to be a leopard and velvet zipper affair, again from Vogue 8661, View D. It's the upper right bag. Once I started pulling fabrics I made an entitled change. This bag will be a silk houndstooth with a copper colored passementerie for the center section and a paisley faux leather for the sides.I am cutting the pattern pieces and ironing them tonight and it will be full bore on this one tomorrow. The hand finishing on the plaid will take up TV time tonight. More to come and the candy making continues. ....Bunny


  1. Good call on the fabric! It's gorgeous and your bag is going to be beautiful!

  2. I want that bag! It's going to be just gorgeous!

  3. love your fabric bit! I'm currently workinf on a bag myself;)

  4. These look fabulous - love the passementerie - love stuff like that! Love to see finished bags.

  5. Love that fabric -- it will be beautiful!


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