Vogue 8609 Once Again!

 I've  regrouped and am moving right along on Vogue 8609, the plaid bag. I was determined to not be undone by this and am glad I stuck with it as the re-incarnation is making me happy. First, the plaids - these are all Pendletons but I did not have enough of the white plaid for a redo. I interviewed various P plaids and decided on these four for sections of the new bag. I could have seamed the sections but because the  straps will be covering the seam I opted for a lapped constuction. I think this may eliminate a bit of bulk too. The pattern gives specific lines for laying on the straps. I had to make sure the sections lapped under the strap and you can see here they do.
The seams were pinked and it was time to move on to the suede.  At this point I have the straps partially topstitched as required, with the red thread,  and they are looking so good. It was so stress free to get to this  point.

I have to say this suede is positively gorgeous. It truly looks like a great ultra suede but it is woven. I picked it up on one of the 50% off clearance sales at Joanns. It was one of the home dec bolts. I have found some really great buys among that home dec clearance. Having worked in a fabric store for some time this suede felt to me like it would crock. That is when the color rubs off. I have found that there is a thickness and stiffness and intensity of color that exists when a fabric wants to crock. I was right in this case. I rubbed it on various other light colored fabrics. I steamed it with the iron. In all cases a bit of the color rubbed off onto the other fabric. So I washed it and rinsed/soaked it in white vinegar. That set the dye and all is fine now. I made sure.

Ever since my children were really young I have made candies at Christmas, lots of candies. These are gifts for everyone from my immediate family to the our postmistress here in town. When they were little I would start in October and make a batch a week of something or other until it was Christmas week and time for the give aways. Everything went in the freezer and I haven't found a candy that didn't freeze beautifully. The odd thing is I am not a candy eater. I don't ever buy myself a candy bar and never put them in my grocery cart. They just don't exist in my house. I will serve my grandchildren fruit instead! But Christmas has always been different and I love the creative opportunity that candy making presents. What you see in the plate are "Salt and Crushed Peppercorn Caramels". They are fabulous. Have your ever lusted over something simultaneously sweet, salty, and buttery? This is it, in spades. The recipe is in the current Better Homes and Gardens. It makes a huge number of caramels, all of which I wrapped in waxed paper once they were cut.  So far I have made Coconut Gelees, Blueberry Gelees, Drunken Sugarplums, and the caramels. I have been trying to do a recipe a day. Tomorrow's effort will be either fudge or creme brulee marshmallows. I love the adventure of holiday cooking! Hope you have some time to invest in your creative holiday adventure, whatever  it may be....Bunny


  1. LOVE the plaids! I have always been a plaid-lover - I think my love affair started at a very, very young age! I can't wait to see your bag as you construct it!

  2. Love the plaid combos, and smart to put the seams under the stitch on straps. You are making my mouth water with those candies!!!

  3. Yummo on both the bag & the candy! Give me salty/sweet any day!

    Isn't it funny the things that remind us of Christmas? For me, its the smell of tangerines. I guess we only had them at Christmas when I was a child, because they have always been a distinct reminder of the holiday.

    Did you see SewNso was having a handmade Christmas Past party?



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