Three More Norikos!

Yesterday I finished three more Noriko bags. These would be great for resort wear, summertime, or for even just a fun loving teen. Next I am going to do some more serious heavy fabric  Norikos but until then here is what Santa is getting so far.
First we have the "Dancing Cranes" an Alex Henry print.

I think the hardest and most time consuming part of this process was picking out  the beads to make the little chotchkey that goes at the bottom of these bags. . It had to coordinate with the button and it really took a while to get a good match for the two.
This button refused to be  photoshopped to its actual color, an iridescent mother of pearl, no browns. Next is the bag with the metallic quilting.
This bag has the fabric lightly machine quilted with some copper and gold threads. I love the button on this one.

And last but not least a Noriko made with an Alex Henry fabric that looks like sharp edged grass reeds from the swamps of Louisiana. This one is my personal fave. DH goes for the cranes.
The beads on the bottom are iridescent and the button is wooden. This fabric is an ombre print, shadeing from the browns and oranges to the blues and greens at the other end of the spectrum. The opposite side of the bag is this color:
These bags were finished yesterday. Today we concentrated  on more AG dolly clothes and finished the day with another batch of candy. These are almond gelees dipped in Callebaut chocolate. I think they are my best treat yet and am having a hard time keeping my hands off of them. And I told you all I was not a candy eater, right....................Bunny


  1. I've had the free PDF for a while, but now I absolutely must make a Noriko bag! Yours are so lovely.

  2. Seriously gorgeous! I wish I was on your Christmas list. I hope I still have the PDF; what great bags.

    The chocolates--mmmmm!!!

  3. Yummm! To both the bags and the candy.

  4. Love the bags, I think I'll make a little girl sized bag to match my granddaughter's Christmas dress.

  5. Those are wonderful bags. Lucky recepients! This pattern is perfect for embellishments. I'm thinking pin-weaving. Or smocking. Or----

  6. You are a machine! They're gorgeous, my fav is the last one shown, the brightly colored one with the colored beaded tassel.

    I don't even want to look at those candies, my mouth waters every time you post a picture!

  7. Bunny, these are beautiful! I have the pattern as well but haven't made it yet. Can't wait! Do you mind sharing how you attached your beads?


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