Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa's Sweat Shop is Open for Business!

The past two days I have been punching the clock, breaking only briefly to make lunch and dinner all in an effort to help out Santa with his deliveries. First on tap are three Noriko bags. I am doing all three at once, production style and it is flying. Here are the fabrics:
The Noriko bag is the perfect vehicle for succumbing to the seduction of Alexander Henry quilting cottons. You know you have seen these awesome cottons in the store, but you are a garment sewist and these are "quilting cottons." Well now you can give in. I love these for the Noriko bag and here are the three I am working on right now.

The fabric below, for some reason, was begging me for further embellishment. So in a spirit of accommodation I free form stitched across the fabric with gold and copper metallic threads. This was done before putting the bag together but after I fused fusible fleece to the cotton print.

Now I needed to match up linings for these bags. When I choose a bag lining I like something bright, with contrast, so that when you go digging you have a bit of illumination around all the "stuff". Sometimes I use silk, sometimes poly silkies, sometimes cottons. What's important to me is the brightness so that when I open the bag I am not looking in a black hole. Here is what I chose for these three bags.
I should have these finished tomorrow morning.

I have also been churning out dolly dresses for the AG doll that Sophie will get from Santa, providing she is following her P's and Q's. These are so easy and whip right out except I decided to do a knockoff of a "Feliz" dress for her doll, definitely not a whip out. It came out really cute and I will have pics for you soon.....Bunny


  1. Wow. You're really getting a lot done, Bunny! I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow, so I can get some other sewing projects done, too!

  2. Very productive......well done! I love a deadline...I work more efficiently under "fear"... :)

  3. yes, I know what you mean about admiring those quilting cottons. They are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing completed pics of these and the AG doll clothes. You are quite productive!

  4. What beautiful fabric, especially the first!

  5. Love the fabrics - especially the first. Actually, I shop the quilting cottons for shirt fabrics and for fabrics for my daughter's dresses.

  6. Your bags are absolutely awesome, Bunny. Love your new fabrics and can't wait to see the finished products.

    This is the first year in a long time that i have not been burning the midnight oil making doll clothes. They are sooooo fun. But since the AG dolls have extensive wardrobes, there was no need this year!


  7. Gorgeous fabrics! I can't wait to see these finished up. :) You've been busy!!

  8. I'm anxious to see your Noriko bags. I'm still intending to pull out the one I was beading and get back to work on it.


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