Friday, January 28, 2011

Simp 2313, Next in the Queue

I really appreciate your feedback on the pants. I am looking forward to the February pair.Here is a sneak peek at the fabric. It is another rayon poly blend. It has a linen look but the back is brushed like a flannel. It will go beautifully with the silk velvet top recently made.

 Next in the queue is Simplicity 2313. I will be making View D, the lavender ruffled affair. I think this pattern is wonderful. There are so many options for its fabrication. The fabric I will be using is a 100% wool jersey that has been felted. I purchased it at the Fix in Manchester, NH. It felted beautifully and if I cut a piece nothing unravels, yet it is soft and much like a sweater.It is in a lovely brick red color and I think will look great with the grey pants just finished.

This jacket has a princess shoulder seam, front and back but it curves into the side seam. Because of the unique seaming it really was imperative a muslin be made.
I needed to just do a little tweak, taking in the upper chest a bit. I will also let out the hip side seams a tad to get the back to fall evenly. The shoulders on this jacket are way wide. It calls for shoulder pads which is fine but the shoulder seam hugs my shoulders tight so if I am going to add shoulder pads I will need to raise the seam a bit. The shoulder is also way too wide. In the picture that  you see I have already cut off a half an inch from the shoulder, not quite enough. I will be making this in a knit that will give a "sweater" effect when done. I have used a woven for my muslin. I want the knit to be just a tad  closer fitting. I also don't want this to be overly structured. I want a nice comfortable sweater look and feel. 

I did have to make the sleeve 2 inches wider at the upper arm, so keep that in mind if you are using this pattern.  On PR, there were also comments that the sleeve ran very tight. The sleeve fits snugly at the top but I will be narrowing it down at bit toward the wrist. 

I did some research in my old Threads and have eliminated all facings, linings and hems, that is other than the sleeves. There will be a bit of embroidery, I think, on the jacket but we will see what serendipity brings to the table. Tomorrow we cut!.....Bunny

 Please forgive the no make up, no hair routine. I have been stuck in the house with our miserable weather so whats the point?  At least you have all seen me at my best and at my worst and that is all OK with me...Bunny


  1. Wow. Looking at the model, the sleeves look roomy. It's a good thing you made the muslin. I can't wait to see more.

  2. I bought this pattern a month or 2 ago, just for that particular view (great minds)! So glad to know that a muslin on this is worthwhile, I will be sure to follow in your footsteps!

  3. That's a very interesting pattern. And felted jersey sounds so cuddly and warm.

  4. That is going to be a fantastic outfit. I will keep an eye on how you put it all together.


  5. I love where you're taking this new jacket. The soft felted wool sounds warm and cozy.

  6. Holy Cow - this is a great're really living on the wild side...can't wait to see the finished jacket.


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