This is not political!

Once again, this is not political, so don't even go there with me. I just want to point out that Gabrielle Giffords, aside from many other things, is a fabulous dresser. I have been blown away by the pictures I have seen of her on the senate floor. Her clothes fit impeccably and she has a terrific sense of style. This is not your red blazer female politician here. Check out this houndstooth jacket. The hounds teeth match beautifully and the fit is spot on.
Every time she is shown in her Chanel Suit I start to drool. It is just gorgeous with its little sparkles and lime colored fringe. Again, the fabulous fit and those plaids match, once again.

She was also shown wearing, out on the floor of Congress, a short sleeved plaid dress with a zipper up the front and assymetrical collar, to die for! Wish I could pull up a pic of that for you. It was so unlike anything you would see someone wear in Washington but so pretty and appropriate at the same time.

Just my comments, non political ones, that is.....Bunny


  1. She is a snazzy dresser. Wonder if she she has a stylist. I certainly wish her the best in recovery.

  2. No politic sharing here either.
    BUT dang that houndstooth is TDF.
    I agree.
    I am hoping she will recover quickly and with few long term injuries........a miracle, I know.

  3. That matching is rarely seen these days in RTW! Praying for a total recovery! BTW nice post. Funny how us seamstresses see what no one else sees. LOL

  4. I did notice that Chanel Suit, I just absolutely love it. I always thought that Nancy Pelosi generally looks good, but she just doesn't have that sense of style that Gabrielle Giffords has. I pray that she will recover. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even one of the opposite party that I'm on.

  5. My daughter was a Congressional staffer and was at a NASA launch last Spring. She stood in line for security with Ms Giffords for 2 hrs. Dear Daughter was impressed with Ms Giffords.

    Your comment on the matching Houndstooth reminds me when I would watch Johnny Carson. His plaid suits were impeccably made...always perfectly matched lines from the jacket body to the sleeves.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  6. I noticed what a great sense of style she had as well.

  7. Bunny - it's not just her even though I've drooled over the pictures their showing, too! But Nancy Pelosi, Carolyn McCarthy, K. Gillibrand...have all been sporting some amazing duds. I keep pics like these for inspiration because it's hard to find really beautiful women's suits/dresses nowadays!

    And I'm glad that Gabby is doing so much better! She has truly been touched by the hand of God!

  8. How about the simple act of prayer for healing???? The clothes mean nothing without the person. A shift in priority is worth much.

  9. Beautiful clothes beautifully worn. Our PM could do with a bit of a lesson!

  10. I agree the clothes are well made, and what I like even better is that they are not "cookie" cutter, yet she looks like she can (and is) taken seriously.


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