Simplicity 2501 Sleeves

This pattern is presenting a couple of challenges. These challenges are from my own decision to use a semi sheer fabric and a disagreement between the sleeve construction Simp's way and finishing the  sleeve "my way". Let's get into the sleeve.

The patterns shows a couple of pleats in the hemline edge of the short puffed sleeve. They  require that  the pleats are basted in. After that Simp wants you to simply turn the hem edge up and clean finish, you know, 1/4 inch turn and and another 1/4 inch turn. This just seamed a bit Home Ec-y to me. One of the reviews on PR showed another sewist who felt the same. She trimmed  her sleeve hems with ribbon. I didn't want a ribbon finish. Instead I decided on a bias binding. This would be interesting with the use of the stripes and the fact that you can see the second layer of  bias stripes shadowing through.
I cut a 1 1/4 inch wide bias strip the width of the hem plus seam allowances. I stitched the SAs. They were pressed open and the strip was pressed in half. To accomplish this I used spray starch. It really helps tame these poly sheers.
The folded bias strip was then sewn to the hem edge of the sleeve. I then finished it off with the serger and ironed the SA toward the sleeve.

I liked this finished effect. You can see the stripes shadowing through on the bias, cool.

All that remains is to attach the peplum and buttonholes. I might be able to finish tomorrow...Bunny


  1. That does make a lovely finish to the bottom of the sleeve. Love the way you're playing with the sheer and stripe.

  2. Thanks for posting that. I would have enclosed the sleeve edge in the binding, but your way is so much simpler. I like it.

  3. Lovely way to handle the sheer stripe.

  4. Thanks for this tip. I prefer your method of finishing the sleeve.

  5. Bunny, the bias finish looks so clean and neat. I love it!!!

  6. Yes, soooo much better than the pattern instructions. Cleaner and such a brilliant use of the sheerness and stripes.

  7. I've just awarded your blog with Versatile Blog Award.
    Take a look at my blog for the award rules.
    Best, AnaJan


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