Insane Weather!

Over the past few years, before even blogging, I have spent quality time visiting and getting to know some lovely women over the internet who share a  passion for sewing. Many live in the South and right in Tornado Alley it seems. The stories I have heard regarding these storms are incredible, from children riding out the tornado in a closet with a cell phone to  a grandma sitting in the bathtub with her two year old grandchild for protection  Tornadoes  are such a horrendous phenomena, so unpredictable and so damaging, the US version of tsunami madness. I hope and pray you and your families have all weathered these storms with everything in tact. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Some of you may know DH and I live on the Deere River in the Adirondacks. The river is 100 feet from our back door. It runs rather "level" from its start  in what is locally called the "flow" , a bog area with springs. But directly behind our home it drops very rapidly, giving it little chance to extend beyond its normal high water mark, thank goodness! However, that drop makes for some wicked white water as you can see in the photo above. When you get out of the car at my house, all you hear is roar, the roar of the river. Last year our next door neighbor got sucked down the river from about 50 feet from where this picture was taken to the bend at the far end of the river that you see in the picture. He survived by getting hooked up on a log and screaming. I heard him from inside my kitchen.

I mention this because up here there has been major flooding and loss of property from our end of this horrid storm. It certainly pales next to what has happened in the South. Lake Champlain has never been recorded higher. Today the ferries stopped and many towns became landlocked. It just all reminds one of the awesomeness of nature and how helpless we are to control it. 

Today I felt great, I mean really great, no loopy fuzzy headed feeling or nausea  and back to my old self. My bruises are getting worse and some are coming out that didn't even exist originally so I am  still scaring small children but I feel fine so all is well in my world. I have been working on bumble bees and will start some sheers for the bath soon. Thanks again for all your kindness and caring. Glad you all like the bees. They are fun to make and I may start those wings soon.....Bunny


  1. Λυπάμαι τόσο πολύ για όλους αυτούς τους ανθρώπους που πλήττονται από τους τυφώνες...Εύχομαι όλα να σταματήσουν γρήγορα...

  2. No joke on the water levels. They're very high here, too. I didn't go hiking today because a lot of places I wanted to go the water crossings would have been dangerous.


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