Ah, the Hats!

As with any fashion noteworthy event, there are successes and there are failures. Sorry, gang, but these two hats are both horrendous. Add in that blue print with the bows on a too emphasized bust and this borders the ridiculous. I do like the beige outfit with the rouloux neckline but she killed it with the hat. You two babes fail! You do win the Ridiculous Award, however! Congrats! Oh, these are Fergie's daughters. How did I know that? Meow!

Fascinators seemed to be the order of the day for the younger set. I think I actually figured out that if you were a single young guest at the wedding, you wore a fascinator. If you were a married member of the guest list, it was on to the big picture hat.

Well, I guess the stunning Ms. Beckham blows that theory! Isn't her hubby just as gorgeous?
This hat was my favorite and is really prettier from a different angle. Her hair did this wrap thing that fit right into the hat and she gained height next to her husband. Just stunning. 

Kate's mom was the perfect image of the mother of the bride, the one we would all like to look like. Her outfit is a bit restrained, not to detract from her daughter. The tailoring is exquisite. Did you see the curved slit at the back of the coat? The scale of the hat is perfect, again not to upstage the festivities, and the color so absolutely lovely. They say a man should always look at his future mother in law to see what he will be married to in forty years. I think Willie picked right. Kate's mom is as beautiful as she is.

Why can' we do hats here? I mean really do hats? Rare is the woman that a hat doesn't flatter. Those who say they can't wear hats just haven't found the right style. In the days of mandatory hats for Mass in the Catholic church you could go in every department store to an actual hat department, not just a hanging rack or a small wall, but a place with mannequins heads backed with wall size mirrors so you could try the hats on and see them from any angle. I can't tell you how many hours I spent doing that as a young teen. I would save my baby sitting money to buy hats. Should I still be doing that? I will say that when I go to a wedding I try to always wear a hat. It's my only opportunity for this little eccentricity. So far, people aren't laughing at me, at least I don't think. My daughters would never let me have that happen.....Bunny


  1. Μήπως θα πρέπει να αρχίσουμε να ράβουμε καπέλα? Θα είναι ένα επικερδές επάγγελμα!

  2. Great post, Bunny!

    I agree...what were those girls thinking?!! Even taking into account a certain British eccentricity...those two hats are ridiculous!

    As a young Catholic girl, I was always SO excited to shop for a new hat every Easter. Throughout the year, we usually wore a little lace cap...sometimes a lace mantilla...to Mass. But at Easter, it was always a hat!

    Glad you're feeling better!


  3. I loved Victoria Beckham's outfit. I think she and her husband were the best dressed couple there. Those poor girls with the dreadful hats! Maybe they were annoyed that their mother wasn't invited, even though she is the groom's auntie, and they decided to embarrass the family on her behalf.

  4. I don't see the point in being catty towards the two. Yes, I agree, not to my taste either, but they're young so maybe they'll get 'it' at some stage? And I think one should indulge in such silliness when you're young!

    Just thought that no-one can be perfect all of the time and being catty because they're Fergie's daughters is a wee bit too judgemental?

  5. Yes lets bring back the hat. And dressing up!

  6. I totally agree with your assessments of these outfits & their hats, Bunny...both the good & the dreadful!

    I still have SEVERAL hats from Kentucky Derby days. I should get them out for the upcoming parties! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I'm happy to hear you are feeling better.


  7. I love the coat in the first picture. That neckline looks really special.

    I love hats and wear them when I can. Unfortunately, this gets difficult when I have to drive (or ride in) the car because of the head rest.

  8. I actually like Eugenie's hat ... it appeals to my flamboyant Ren Faire side. I also think her outfit could have been "all that" if it had been properly fitted ... and the bows removed. The poor girl needs an FBA (I speak from experience here!).

  9. They will look back in 20 years and really wonder what they could have been thinking!! Oh well, to each his own....:)

  10. I agree, Bunny, those outfits were not good, but that be-ribboned toilet seat hat was particularly cringe-worthy. It seems to me that the 5th and 6th in line for the throne warrant a stylist.

    And I agree 1000% about the loveliness of the Mother of the Bride. Both of the bride's parents have so much dignity and royal bearing, it's no wonder Kate learned from them. I did notice the slit in the back of her outfit and I especially loved her hat.

    Now, Bunny, I do want your input. When I saw the gown on TV last night, I thought it was a lace overlay. But when I looked at photos this morning, it looks embroidered. It appears that the shoulder lace goes up to, but not over the bodice. What do you think, handwork goddess?

    I think Kate will be a creditable princess. I get the impression that she is not the fashionista that Diana became, but she seems extremely saavy about using fashion as a tool in her arsenal. I look forward to watching both of them as they go forward.

  11. You're right about the York sisters! What's with wearing these things on their foreheads?! I much prefer a really proper hat on these occassions, but I wasn't invited! ;)

  12. Wasn't it a beautiful wedding to watch? Yeh, can't believe the hats/dress on Beatrice and Eugenie! I do like the pink/beige outfit, just not that hat!

  13. What about the prime minister's wife not wearing a hat? I thought it was "mandatory"?

  14. Yes poor poor girls, unfortunately I think they are inflected with there mother's poor dress sense. I loved Fergie and always felt that people were too harsh on her, but she never seemed to get it right,not everyone has great dress sense. And unfortunately mother like daughters. As much as I love LOVE LOVE fashion bad dress sense does not make a bad person.

  15. Thank you SO much for the hat photos! I love to see them! I'm of the generation that watched Diana and Charles on their wedding day and didn't have too much interest in yesterday's proceedings other than the horses and the haute couture...so thanks again.

    There's a not-so-fine line between silly and classy in millinery matters, eh?? I have such awesome photos of my grandmother and her sisters from about 1900-1910; always with beautiful beautiful hats (and they were farm girls from Iowa!).

    Yes, the Beckhams are to sigh for...

    And as the others have intoned: GLAD YOU ARE BETTER.

  16. I agree about Eugenie's and Beatrice's hats and the outfit with the bows, and OH YES, Kate's mother was perfect from head to toe.

    But I also remember that Fergie's wedding dress was by far my favorite, among the three royal wedding dresses I've seen (Diana, Fergie and Kate.) Diana's was ridiculous, frou frou ruffles and way too much fabric with no body consciousness to it. She had a lovely figure and it was totally hidden under all that nonsense. Kate's was lovely, but I thought Fergie's was absolute perfection.

    I do like hats....but these artistic statements that people are adorning themselves with are absurd. I don't mind fascinators, but the placement and proportion of some of them just overpower the beauty of the women wearing them. AND may I see that these young women are too heavily made up. The one in beige looks like she has two black eyes...or is made up for goth costume. With her very fair skin, she looks like a vampire. These young ladies need some good advice.

  17. Chickadeeworkshop I LOVE that you use the term "fascinator"!! One never hears that anymore. You are so cool!!

  18. I agree about hats! We should wear them more. They really make an outfit complete for an occasion like this. Samantha Cameron looked like she showed up half dressed by not having one. As far as the York girls, I feel sorry for those sitting behind them. How could they see anything? Hopefully they will develop a style over time that does not involve just wearing the most outrageous thing they see. They are pretty girls but a little fashion intervention might be needed.

  19. I LOVED the hats! A pity we don't wear them more in the States, because I love them. Guess that's why I have a nice vintage collection of them.;)

  20. Goodness, I am enjoying all these hats, too! Who would have thought? I just never wore them and I never saw many people around me wearing hats.

    Have you seen the blog Style Crone? She has an incredible hat wardrobe, as well as a very developed beautiful style.


    I look forward to seeing more photos online. The clothes are so lovely. Poor Eugenie, to add to the list, I did not like the square neckline on her.

    Oh well, they are probably fun girls, just as Fergie always seemed fun. Just not very stylish.

  21. I had a laugh about the 'single woman' theory as regards fascinators and hats. Our (Australia) Prime Minister is 50 and single but lives with her male partner - and she wore a fascinator. So your theory is not only correct but doesn't discriminate according to age :)

  22. I got a good chuckle from your post on the hats. I myself, no fashion maven, gasped when I saw the hats of Eugenie and Beatrice. They brought to mind Cinderella's evil stepsisters, and I laughed at the thought at the time. I felt very sorry for the folks sitting behind them in the Abbey. I did like most of the other hats, though I prefer the ones that sit on the head rather than perching on the forehead - what keeps those things on!?


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