Miyake, Part 2

The Miyake shirt is moving along while I wait for measurements to cut out Sophie's outfit. Marking on Miyake garments is critical and this is no exception. The back of the shirt has an inverted pleat with a small amount of the top and a good amount of the bottom of the pleat stitched closed. I did the pleat as directed but as I often do with pleats, I stitched the edges of the pleat on the inside of the shirt. This trick keeps the pleat neat and folded. This doesn't mean I stitched the pleat to the shirt. What I did was just edge stitch the edges of the pleat on each side on the inside of the garment. 
Once the pleat is stitched and pressed a triangle is stitched at the top and bottom of the pleat.  I decided to stitch the triangle with a tiny zigzag to give it some casual emphasis. My stitch length was .35 and the width was 1.0. I then took a sticky label and cut it into a triangle. This was stuck to the the appropriate spot and stitched around.
I like the look. Next I needed to do the piping which will be going around the cuffs, neck, and shoulder seams. It is cut from a third shirting fabric. I am so used to doing piping for heirloom that I cut my width too narrow for a 5/8ths seam. I just moved it back an 1/8th of an inch from the edge. 
The shoulder seam was serged after stitching and then topstitched. This morning I will start the application of the the odd collar to the shirt....Bunny


  1. Oooh, this is looking nice! I wonder if I have that pattern...

  2. I can't wait to see more. i love your attention to detail.
    BTW, I finished my bag . Thanks for your hints and techniques. It made a difference.

  3. How fun to follow you through the steps, I am leaning so many little hints and tips. Love it!!


  4. The clever little idea with the post it note is why I read your blog. Oh, that and the gorgeous garments, purses and hat's (granddaughter's red felt hat comes to my mind's eye frequently and always makes me smile). Thanks for the time and effort you expend. You make all your readers better sewers. Every post is like a mini Threads and even on days with no new post I can always poke around in your archives and find something enlightening and inspiring. Hey, that's an idea --on days when you don't have a new post you could put up something from archives (she suggested selfishly) ;D


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